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Turn, turn, turn, turn

It's a new kind of slavery
When our tricks became our ties
We are all chopped by the same, knife

But I keep looking
We aren't bound by law
We aren't bound by anything at all
Just you
If you decide to show
Just if you decide to show up on time

Why walk when
Running into you like this without warning
Is like catching a sniff of tequila in the morning
But I'll try, I'll try to keep my food down
Love came to an end

And our feelings 
Just aren't feelings anymore
They're just words that come from whispers
From people we don't know 
the planets just like us
And from big to small
We all shine shine shine

Stars rise and
Stars fall
But the ones that the shine the brightest aren't stars
By now they must have heard about your worried world inside
Pull the covers up, I don't care
Call all your lovers up, I don't care
If the fates
our DNA
Humans aren't gonna behave
As we think we always should
Yeah, we can be bad as we can be good

Underneath it all, we're just savages
to talk

We could go back to my world
So I'm not running back and forth
I could set off the sirens
You won't be running back and forth, back and forth
And I got nothing to hide
I got nothing to hide

All of us aren't we
Pretty pretenders
Negligent vendors
Aren't we precious inside
I have no
a new asthma inhaler

Down by the giant drainpipe
Light firecrackers while we crack cans of beer
And if those boys aren't skating there
Down by
Helped pull the trigger that cut short his life
And there's not many knew him the way that we did
Sure enough he was a wild one, but then aren't most
Helped pull the trigger that cut short his life
And there's not many knew him the way that we did
Sure enough he was a wild one, but then aren't most
You thought we'd be fine
All these years gone by
Now you're askin' me to listen; well, then tell me 'bout everything
No lies; we're losin' time
of time, aren't we?
Crazy for running all the time, m-m-m-m-maybe.
Let's forget we're running out of time.

I'm off like an airplane,
I'm licking your
I expire
All I've known,
Obsolete, absolute

Running, running far behind
Faster, faster borrowed time
Heretics has lost its mind
We are
running from the garden, we're all looking for the garden. So much to maintain.
Bones are everywhere aren't they? Ghosty spirits dash right past me. Finding
Close their eyes and turn their heads
Aren’t we all on the same side

What if my sons class was closing down, by brothers house the bank sold
Just repeat history
Just repeat history

Why are we separated
Defined by our greed and hatred?
Why aren't we all united?
I'm so sick
these skies
I know we cannot stay

Farewell to the fairground
These rides aren't working anymore
Goodbye to this dead town
Until the ice begins to thaw
at the bottom of your suitcase
Find a sunset, turn away
How can there by anything wrong?
Aren't we the frozen ones?
The frozen ones
The frozen ones
We walk
people aren't always what they seem

It turns out the lyrics that you live by are a fraud
When your favorite band's singer got arrested
With a tranny
before me
A promise I never will tell
About all the things we talked about
Our dark secrets I'll keep well

Aren't you glad, there ain't
Didn't we use to
hang out together?
On a midnight street
going nowhere
Even when we're lost
it was the two of us
close together
We enjoyed all
All my life I've been a cowboy in my heart
Every western hero on the screen's
Been with me from the start
Ridin' high and showin' me the way
Well aren't we all grown up
We were only children
But who knew it then?
Lovers before we knew anything more

For each lesson in tenderness

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