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God is it time to jump yet?
Have I reached the station yet?

Drown out the howl 
Of the Holiday's tender tongue
To hear the tales of the Reich
Everyone just wants to hear what they already believe
Begging for confirmation of appropriation just so they can feel relieved
It’s fucking bullshit
Stealing swag man y'all draking like Elvis
Chuck Berry was the realest to do it
Appropriation cannot change the influence
Appropriation will not change
a legend 

Yeah, man, I'm really 'bout appropriation  
You name it, hey 
Check my distribution and my payment 
Produce, arrange my everything while you been
Ok, kids, I'm here tonight to talk about a cultural miss
Appropriation that is
You know what I'm talking about, Hollywood.
Let's take a minority
Remove discordant elements as the appear
Throw out outmoded policies for future clear
Appropriation elemental lines
Communication with the chiefs
cultural appropriation
The game, I put my foot in there
Used to be excited 'bout my record bein' in Newberry, now I got my book in there
I like you
To gain the knowledge of death
You are inside
Psychic absorption, hearing and vision
Are now mine through this appropriation

Skewered from ear to eye
would ever embrace this
My best hope is ignorant maybe even tasteless
By rapping I'm guilty of cultural appropriation
So go ahead and diss me, call me
appropriation of actual studied and legitimate music
My approximation of deforestation, predation
Thus quoth the raven who only flies between the police station
see the title hear the song and call it racist
Or cultural appropriation but listen had the idea to
Make the pun from the beginning the pun
Gotta call
culture. The world thinks it great
That’s why it’s always stolen. My nigga know your place
At least the cultural appropriation has taste
And yet we still
the wind as I block the sun 

Christ never rose
Just a figment of your imagination
Holocaust of Shakespearean Prose
Fuck your cultural appropriation 

Bhabie was fucking white
Cultural appropriation say I do the same
But I ain’t playing like I’m something that I fucking ain’t
And take them two plastic
Appropriation ain't a bad decision
There's a sliver of some good in every holiday 

I say use it
Time to drop a Holiday
In favor of an Alliday
Let's all stand
cotton on their land
Now we the new slaves cultural appropriation running the gram 
Can't help but wonder what would happen if our race took a stand

reparation for the legislation
Written with loopholes to keep us enslaved
We need reparation for appropriation
If you appreciate us
Then change your wicked
lashes nothing new
Even with an eye even in an eye there is nothing to

Cancelled thoughts
After appropriation
In your hand
Before thoughts left
of the outcome

Cultural appropriation man is real as shit Love a culture 
But don't love the creators ain't that a bitch
How you making millions of dollars
avenging us against appropriation that is all that we ask
Say Ameen while artillery turns apples to ash
This ain't livin', I'd lie if I told you I ain't

Imagine mercury
Tuesday energy

You said
And somehow, the burden has been shifted to the plaintiff to “Say No”
Yeah the Court says “It’s On Us”
To explain why cultural appropriation is not
think that I'm a fake, or just a knock off?
What happens if they use me as an example of appropriation?
Set my career on fire and make me have to stop,

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