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the spider
I am the spider

Well, they found my diary today
They were appropriately appalled
At the discovery of the eight victims
They're now putting it
They had to go and get him, that much was clear.
And the word spread about him on the radios and TV's.
In appropriately sober tone they asked
and to carry out happiness
Whilst being appropriately unburdened by wise and worthy guides
Relieved from the heavy burden of responsibility
Responsibility for
appropriately a mystery
She tells my story back to me she said I'll live this chapter
Till eternity
Murphy to me
Oh yeah he wishes
I know he's appropriately frail
But I bet he can't afford to take you to Nine Inch Nails
I've got two tickets
One day
Notice to the phobias
Appropriately procreate
Woke up with a ghost farm
Focused on his groceries
When they aren't telling stories they are multiplying
X to the motherfuckin Z (*exhales*)

I had to introduce myself appropriately

I'm that nigga you was hoping to see, fall flat on my ace

Look respect
Master by title
Refer to me appropriately, like the verses and cycle that answers the bible
It was written and the chapters is final
good so appropriately
Destination the moon
 that's if you trying to go with me
You're a fly girl 
so I put you where you supposed to br

now, where we
All those things we've done
Are Appropriately 
To those unable to
See Behind

Repossess the night, 
We Never Rest

Take my meds on time
don't smoke too many cigarettes
dress appropriately
for the binary I'm meant to have
get a job, behind a desk

I appreciate your tears 
They're appropriately thick 
And quite honestly to stay this long 
It's a dicey and tiring trick 

But you need me not
We left the party
To fuck in your car

Isn't that just like you?
Always losing ones you love
So appropriately incomplete
Isn't that just like you?
hangin' appropriately

[Milwaukee Black]
Its major way baby, see I told you was gon luv me

When you see me in the 6 tre drop
And I tell you that the price
Fits appropriately, due to the pattern
Of how you'd want to be treated
Can't open the door when already seated
Never talks first, waits to be
and clarity, audible, tetra-sonical
telescopic visions wandering from planet earth
we got media, compatible, with all machinery
appropriately called The Miracle,

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