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I held a party and nobody came 
Strangely I was upset 
Poured out a drink and then Birkworth approached saying 
"Have no regrets. Maybe your
To approach land without a harbour
To find your way home

And you approached land without a harbour
And find your way home
And you approached land without
The butler opened the parlor door
I took my coat and approached the floor
A door opened at the top of the stairs
A sexy lady she was a-standing
Not long ago the FOX network approached the producers of "The Simpson's" with a simple request. 
35 new shows to fill a few holes in their
and strong hurricane approached central America 
And it started raining 
Too much rain over paradise
as I drank in the barroom through the front door my little girl came
I watched as she slowly approached me and trembled as she spoke my name

My mind
Leaving without you

And you laugh so hard
It hurts your sides in pain
As you approached the sun
It rains on everyone

You float away
You float away
Better cover your open eyes
We can never run out again in the new sunshine

I was a skinny white singer
With no more time
I was approached
Angels, flee like lambs when approached by the wolf
Hunters, of the damned
Will devour your faith
They kill without a trace

Far from grace, hell's hot
approached me
And he put his face right to mine
And declared a great star hit this cover
On the corner of Sunset and Vine

Well, I thought he was right for
Should I follow my head, or follow my heart?

You were different, indifferent, unbelievably cool.
I approached you, to show you, that I'm nobody's fool.
That I thought would flatter me
What the hell was the matter with me

Every single time I approached despair
I thought of your name and you
your tear I know

More reasons to take
The sleeping voices you hear
Just to stay awake

We have approached to many
For the tub to drain
the wallflower waltz 

Held and pushed by unleashed desires 
Tethered in self-sacrifice 
Reluctantly charmed by being approached 
But guarded by one's own
He said, "You've gotten tough"
'Cause my tone was curt.
Yeah and when I'm approached in a dark alley,
I don't lift my skirt.
In the city,
Might satisfy his mind.

The First approached the Elephant,
And happening to fall
Against his broad and sturdy side,
At once began to bawl:
Left a hole in the cold September dawn
On, the day I go
Its known to snow where I was born
And when approached all borders atone
And I'm not asking
approached with caution. 
And I'm one hundred percent certain that 
I'm not sure because every time you think you got it, 
It changes. 

And if I want it
I don't need a ride to arrive
I don't feel approached any time
If you feel a fader on a decline
Out of all you've ever been
And you won't need
approached where they'd spend their tomorrows
They never asked us a thing
When you give in to the mercy of time
You don't try to survive
You just try
Approached the sun
In august in new hapshire
Singing songs
Nobody knew
And stories left undone

See this fish
His scales turned
I'm at a loss for words but I keep on speaking. Apologies, I have none. I'm not ashamed of who I am or what love done. Courage cannot be approached
on the bus
Get on the bus
Get on the bus

The 22 Clark bus approached Fullerton Parkway
The city bus was ready to move
The passengers boarded the city
Welling up from a lasting decay
That's failing
Now backing us up to the edge
Falling renders me alleviated
And it stuck with me while we approached
And as he approached he was singin' this song
Yippy ti yi yo get along little doggies it's your misfortune and none of my own
Yippy ti yi yo get along little

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