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gon hold you
I made some promises I couldn't even hold to
I miss ya smile I wont forget when I approached you
I swear
You my baby you my go to 
gaelic name
To approach land without a harbour
To find your way home

And you approached land without a harbour
And find your way home
And you
Don't take that step
My head above water still hold my breath
I see autumn leaves fall til there's nothing left
I approached that cliff and I almost leapt
as I drank in the barroom through the front door my little girl came
I watched as she slowly approached me and trembled as she spoke my name

My mind
As he approached I spoke, "Jigga whattup?"

I done came up (uhh) put my life on the line (uhh)
Soaked the game up (yeah) now it's my time to shine
Was a lot redder than his was
It hung him up

So I approached him, I said "Mr. Bear, I love
Every hair on your twenty-seven acre body
I know
gators that's necessary
Accessories, my closet's a "Pet Sematary"
I get approached by animal activists
I live in a zoo
I run scandals with savages
Might satisfy his mind.

The First approached the Elephant,
And happening to fall
Against his broad and sturdy side,
At once began to bawl:
can you
After exchanging greetings I was approached
By an ABC exec who handed me a hat
I thanked him and started to put it on when he stopped me
The way she move her body I approached her had to stop da bitch
Body so bad go best friend u got dat shit
Twerk it while she Rollin lose control she
Monday I told her come over
I ain't seen her in like soon long
Tuesday the way I approached her
I was tryna break the headboard
Wednesday we stay up
love was like
But I do now, I do now 

How graciously you approached it
How beautiful and uncorrupted your soul is 
But time goes by, man
So quick, so
But they won't listen to me
Til the day I pass away
Approached you all with love
So tell me why the hate?
I showed the real support
I called out all
one of a kind

And I never told you
No, I never approached
'Cause my voice shakes
Every time I get close

And even though
You make me lose my
on my way to eat lunch, some kid approached
He told me "we should be cool" if only he got to know me
Cause on this side of town I would need some
of your time
and just talk to you

You were looking lonely, i was in my zone
i approached u slowly, let's get away

we could tell where this was
dark figure in the shadow
approached you in the silent night
i clench my hands around your neck

Approached in the shadows

The strain of flatliners
approached talk to me nice please
You might need Spike Lee
Just nineteen
(I done seen a whole lotta shit) just nineteen
(Mind been on some paper chasing)
got pets me too mines are dead
Doggy fox minks gators that's necessary
Accessories my closet's pet cemetery
I get approached by animal activists
I was hiding all away (hiding)
I was hiding dear (hiding)
Hiding all away (hiding)

You approached a high court judge
You thought he'd be
I was hiding all away (hiding)
I was hiding dear (hiding)
Hiding all away (hiding)

You approached a high court judge
You thought he'd be
The butler opened the parlor door
I took my coat and approached the floor
A door opened at the top of the stairs
A sexy lady she was a-standing
Approached the sun
In august in new hapshire
Singing songs
Nobody knew
And stories left undone

See this fish
His scales turned
winter snow.

1st Verse
I wish I was wild  
Not just a plum blossom ready to be plucked
A wild plum
Seductive, too beautiful
To be carefully approached

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