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Apprehend my cry
so fast - it's tough to apprehend.
Let's turn it around - try over again
Maybe this time something'll happen.
For now, I deny way too much,
You've got
more than what fear created 
Blessings collapse under a tirade tongue 
Belief kills any choice of your own
Apprehend your fate

There is no life,
Narrow streets breed narrow minds and
Care for king but not for kind
It's a short hop to a long weekend
When every move you apprehend
the ugly can apprehend beauty

Only the prisoner can be set free
Only the dead can live
Only thieves can steal from themselves
Only the stupid cam learn
apprehend, what comes over me
When I see his shameless face

So rage, please rage against me
Beat me down, beat me down, forgive me
For what I've done,
Dirt on your fingernails, blood on your knees
But did that ever make you happy?
I think you were my best friend, gentle, do not apprehend
I know
at me now
Let me breathe on you for a minute as I snatch up
This fine ass little brusslesprout and I have to apprehend her


[Verse 2: Suga
And these are the two I gotta apprehend
A big boy from Hollis promised not to tell
And lead these cops on a long long trail
Spoonie saw Gina and the chick
an outlaw in the badlands that he can't apprehend
Whoopee ti yo, the littlest cowboy rides again

When the other kids are lost in space, in plastic rocket
must apprehend
It's the nature of time
That the old ways must give in
It's the nature of time
That the new ways comes in sin
An offer of surrender
will apprehend
But then rides off instead
Let us drown in peace 
Life: The Movie showin' 
Six and one-half days a week 
Life: The Movie endin'
a minute as I snatch up
This fine ass little brussel sprout and I have to apprehend her


Now guess what, what, chicken butt
Bitch goody
to apprehend the Hologram
Overstand, I kill man like Wodan
So no man step into the darkness of the set
Study with Chinese masters like Jesus in Tibet
My pens speaks words my mouth envies
I'm hoping holy water can cleanse me
D's wanted to apprehend me
If I affected your life in any way trife
When I
no, not I, done hit you up with the jimmy so now identify
Cause whether dollars or yens, the 5-ohs always want to apprehend
A brother for doing his
Now we've all heard the story of Helen of Troy,
Kidnapped by Paris, such a foolish boy.
But the Mycenaean King was quick to apprehend,
apprehend it
Lend it to the devil of a friend it, 
Wrench it back, mend it again
It still never renders suspended 
But finicky picket fences
Now every
(offend me)
If I'm a free man (man), don't apprehend me (yep)
Don't contradict me, situation could get sticky (sticky)
Rap game Lebron James, first round
Steels, 'cause it's hard to bend me
See-Cypher Pigs, can't apprehend me
In a no smoking zone, I smoke bones of hash
Niggas see me, then I disappear in
and apprehend
We'll never get the chance to do this again
Know what I'm saying?
You get up in the alley round 3 o'clock
Of tops, cut the surveillance then we
extend, neither pretend
to be better than the next man, that only comes in when
others try to apprehend fake styles and then smile
while I create rhymes by
apprehends me
Like a d-tech bustin' my man in the projects
I'll send you up North, I ain't givin' respect
Prejudicial, your style artificial
As live
in the pen 
and then begin again to apprehend, huh
But what's lost is lost, the reign is over
(Huh, see ya!) Nice to know ya
Money, no longer can

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