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application (yeah)
Get this paper (yeah), come get this paper (yeah)
I tell her sign this (oh), application (yeah)
Get this paper (yeah), come get this paper
out this application
All across the nation
So hurry up and sign up, sign up
Right here
(On the dotted line, yeah)

I need a woman with a job
your application
Make me employ you
You know you fit the position
From the first time I saw you
Let me see your application
Let me employ you
You know
Check back da comparison and counter...Hey yo!!!! 

Cecile you check di file wrong, read back yuh application 
Badman nah run from
Flag wavin', fun lovin' crowd
Their heart is in the music, and they love to play it a-loud
There's no forms or no applications, no red tape
a look
She no see di mista man

Tear up resume
Burn up application
One look she took
An me fit di position
No matter who inna di way
Run away di
Fun-lovin' crowd
They're heart is in the music
And they love to play it loud
There's no forms or applications
There's no red tape administrations
Over taxed, flag-wavin', fun-lovin' crowd
They're heart is in the music
And they love to play it loud
There's no forms or applications
There's no red
I'm goin' to school for some information
I'm gonna work my way up steady Honey
Work my way up steady Darlin'
Work my way up steady to your heart
Girlfriend Application

Looks like I got me a boyfriend, - a guy that I prefer to see
But a couple of things occurred to me:
Where are we gonna live?

Spoken Line: Your Application's Failed
where it went

This position is not open now for applicants
The application forms got shredded
There was faulty wordin' in the documents
I can still
The Word of God is a our foundation 
From Genesis to Revelation
A Biblical application 
Every word, every line for all generations
The choice we're
talk to God
Strip club, I be tippin' them dancers (woah)
You ain't chase your dreams so go and fill out them answers on that application
You ain't
for that education
Sponges don't just soak it up, they squeeze it out, thats application

I know they want it all, I know they want it all yea 2Xs
A standard application, you're not the kind
I'm coming

Blessed retribution, head on, never stall
Running head on to the wall
Unholy damn solution, head on,
The viscera, application of death in your own
Your own time, your wedges of strength lay beyond you
Discover what it is that you need
The reverend
a Bermuda, Jamaica, whatever your style
Trinidad, Miami, New York, The Virgin Isle
Girl, if ya lonely, ya know the numba fi dial

You no need no application
I know 40 hours a week would suit you fine
But your application's been denied, surprise
This is how it feels to be free

Turn around, come
like a plantation
they owe meeee
but got me fillin' out this application

My J-O-Beeee
is just like a plantation
they owe meeee
and got me fillin' out
And I've been sending in my college applications
Without a destination
No sense of who I am
Only dreams too big for action
I always told myself to dream big
teef deh sound di alarm dem
Ave me owna clothes and me have on dem

 A gal a run back a man
And man nuh run yuh down
Put in application and man a tun yuh
a raging humanity with fury in their eyes.
Welfare, the opportunity that disables the application of the generate crutch.
Clear the way for defective
Swallow my pride
I fill another application out
I feel like quitting the fight
And love always hurts
When I let go it's lookin' up
Lookin' up,

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