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A Lilac bush and an Apple tree
Were standing in the woods
Out on the hill above the town, 
Where once a farmhouse stood.

In the winter
man to sell sir

Surely you will find
ThereÂ's no compare with the hard wood logs
ThatÂ's cut in the winter time

Pear logs and apple logs
They will
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies, 
An' crisp apple strudels, 
Doorbells an' sleigh bells, 
An' schnitzel with noodles,
are to be seen.
Don't you see the little lambs by the dams a-playing?
The cuckoo is singing in the shady grove.
The flowers they are springing,
the witch tied her fruit to a stick
When our coin was looking too thin
It's like a winter in Hades, we drooled for the ladies
As if the apple was owned by God
When the weather changes into global winter
'Cause what if Yellowstone Park exploded
So much that everything was covered over
Place your bets in
You change from winter to the spring
While I am sleeping
Beneath these apple trees of sorrow
Grown for me

I read the letters in your pocket
Well, the sun's not so hot 
In the sky today
And you know I can see 
Summertime slipping on away.

A few more geese are gone, 
A few more
attitude that I'm most definitely from

In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
Now you're in New York
the hellons are pissing in
Position to let the snakes set the bait at heaven's gates
Mastered by pastors snatching collection plates from section eight
part of my callin? to
Hustle year 'round, spring, summer, fall, winter
Will stop for nothin?, you shouldn't start with us
For the people, by the Dilated
by my attitude that I'm most definitely from

New York
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
Now you're in New
are rooted in an upright stand
What's my plan
I feel the fingers closing in
I got enlightened by the chosen man
A little frightened by my foes
takin a regular picture by the hotel St. Bonaventure
Besides I do wear a coat in the winter
And eat at beautiful restaurants

	Leave me alone, leave
helicopter hit you, flyin saucers, of
course,may the force not be with you
These bengals that dangle, sinister phantom menace,
hansome are my lenses, all in
that's not the picture, elimate suckers with SUB-TRACTION
Cause I get the chills on a mid summer night
Yeah I can fight, or in the winter I make your ass
gunsmoke in Tokyo
MC's dosey do your mics up in this rodeo
My star roast em up by the thousands, millions, quadrillions
Shuttin down national state buildings
ain't the squash beef state
You thinkin' makeup, we thinkin' Lark Voorhies face
This twin Eagle's of Ares coupe, might as well ride by in an ambulance

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