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mouth bitch

Y'all are trynna be phenomenal but y'all ain't even applaudable, y'all are just horrible
No courage to better yourself you're incorrigible,
To try again
There is no you and I
Though highly un-logical
Highly applaudable
That hoe was audible
Though highly un-logical
Highly applaudable
That hoe
Like the hills of Tennessee
At the thought of you showing
Off your so-called fantasies
But ohh baby
Applaudable circus 
Go on and clap your hands
these gifts
Audible applaudables homie take a wiff

I rise as day breaks
Clouds hide the sun's rays
Quick sand and mistakes
Smash walls to get through
With applaudable skill in spittin' slang
Check the record
I been on it for years
Remember days when I had to go
Outta the crib to be creative
something sour
And I never cower cause I know im the one with the power 
Shit, 1.1K views on Sketchbook 1? That's impossible
I call that applaudable, reading
a second Ain’t affordable 

spend it wisely while doing something applaudable 

You don’t need no validation 

Got my eyes on the back I hope I’m audible
music go 
Without some mumble rap

Audible applaudable
Some adjects that are plausible
Maybe even proximal's 
My music's reach, it's optional to call it
everything you
doin is applaudable
now let me
switch it up
with an audible

come thru
what it do
i’m tryna kick it
girl i’m diggin you
girl i’m feelin you
shit ain't nice if its inaudible
Accomplish your mission
That shit applaudable don't need no reward I make it affordable
Feeling like DaBaby in
a little economical
Possible's probable - if you're unstoppable
Obstacles' optional - if it's psychological
The wisdom applaudable, uh
I ate books 'til I
Like I said I'm on a roll
All A's I'm honor roll
Always Attacking Ass And Acting All Applaudable And Audible
And if she want the D then I'ma give it
It was just applaudable
When you were diving off the stage
But there's no time for being impressed
What you've done for me
Time to improve myself

still save a spot at the top
This decade I got it on lock
Don't watch the clock
Blacking out I'm feeling nauseous
My composure applaudable
They must be caught in an irrelevant inaudible embellishment
we oughtta get em bent of applaudable intelligence
headnodable development noble in
And If they wanna trip we gone bus em here's ya pass 
Then I snatched her soul I ain't even wear a mask 
I swear the flow is so applaudable 
Highly audible, unlikely applaudable
This is the last version first urgent message sent by earth methods
I buy my prescriptions from a drugstore

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