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wearing antlers
The woman from the tobacconist wearing antlers
The bus driver on the number four four one wearing antlers
The spotting youth in McDonald's
See the light electrons caught in your fireplace distortion.

Tell me, did you notice our antlers always mix up?
Always mix up?
Tell me, did you
I got a bad today
Came up to riches from rags today
Momma told me keep yo antlers straight cause' if you get shot that's yo answer aye
I can't get
their antlers
Fa la la la la la la la la

Fuck all the girls and the boys 
I'm tired of making their fucking toys 
I'm tired of moving the calendar closer
To the world outside cuz there's no world inside
I'm full of absences
But my antlers aren't enough
To block out this world's love
And cold heart
Christmas full of
Buying stuff and giving it to each other
"Why'd she get me that? I don't wear sweaters with deers
And antlers lots of antlers... I never
That's what it's all about!

You put your antlers in, you put your antlers out
You put your antlers in and you shake them all about
You do
the spirit of nature
Across my green and pleasant land

In the blue, endless sky, proudly I raise my antlers
And sound a call of carnal desire
Oh, Maiden
the spirit of nature
Across my green and pleasant land

In the blue, endless sky, proudly I raise my antlers
And sound a call of carnal desire
Oh, Maiden
a nigga like Santa
And I make it reindeer no antlers Uggh
She want a nigga with stamina
With a big sack and the hoes like Santa Uggh
She want a nigga like
good dogs right beside me
Stack of hickory piled up ten foot tall
Smoke shack out back just a rollin with the antlers and a 30-30 on the wall
Got enough
of mechanics, we pull up with tools
I carry the stick, that look like the antlers you find on a moose

You know i'm that dude
Got my stick and my vest, man I look
you want to make out with a biplane (No)
Perchance a dance with a carcass in space (No)
And now you got to buy me some antlers
Antlers are what I
Razor hoof coming down
Coming down, coming down
Antlers sharp, sharp to kill
Trampler unseen

Fearless wolf, bring it on
Bring it down, bring it down
and cobwebs
Just like your father says
It's no surprise

I'll raise my antlers in my territory

You put your ear to the ground, your ear to the ground
Then you
Bitch I overstand ya
Fucking up my plans ya
Tax free like New Hampshire
She want meet my antler
Egg nog with the xans bitch
Krampus up on campus
Shivering, dying next to the cat.
That moss antler's shadow drapes over me.
"You'll last, for sure"
All of his fingers cracked like twigs in the mists
We're Antler Mayhem
This is our anthem
If there's a monster in town
We'll slay them
Then we'll play a show
In celebration
So ready your payment
got a criminal shut down your place?
When the show's on the line, Antler Mayhem's on the case
We're always trying tying up loose ends
We'll get your
found a journal
It was written in thirty years ago
There were antlers on the windowsill, and then there was me
And beyond there was a garden
a bust
Antler Mayhem's a band of outlaws

One... Huge... City...
With a mayor who's awfully petty
One... Huge... City...
For some bards tryin' to solve
Stag beetles
(clap, clap, clap)
Have very scary antlers.
(clap, clap, clap)
They look as if they’re dangerous,
(clap, clap, clap)
But don’t be
Person now, unafraid of a renegade like 
Yourself watch me just evade your antlers 
My personal crusade starts now, but first let Me do some first aid for
a cold cup
Bring it down like a toe touch
Wait. What. No antlers, No bucks
Wait. What. Get antlers, Mo' bucks
Things looking up so we never go bankrupt

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