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And aeroplanes

If you Love me let me go
Back to that bar in Tokyo
Where the demons from my past leave me in peace
(ah ah ah ah)
Ill be animating every night
you dream
And I see all the things you need
You’ve been down with me
I’m too close to leave

Animating the sin in me
When I’m with you, I leave reality
live all the dreams you dream
And I see all the things you need
(You've been down with me
I'm too close to leave)

Animating the sin in me
When I'm
on my tongue the taste of the bitter end 
Him and I: one and the same
But his scars run longer and deep 

Now I see your ghost
Animating your bones
Now I
Every trapper waiting 
I'm just pro-creating 
All the shxt they making 
Now the people hating 
'Cause I'm animating 

I feed all ma hate to people
The Old Ones bring Chaos to earth
Conjuring Yog-Sothoth's birth
The fires of the Cauldron burn red
Re-animating the dead
With blood from the Cauldron
reading  Holy gift  Holy needing
		        Holy sound  holy waiting  Holy light  animating			
		      Holy food  Holy breathing  Holy light interweaving
Animating every rhyme and every dare in every mind
KRS is my representative on Earth
Challenge him not, he's been hip-hop since birth
His main objective,
And I ain't animating like say I'm Tech N9ne
But If you get me on a feature it's a straight up crime scene
It seems like every year that pass I gotta'
actually, I'm everywhere at every time
Animating every rhyme and every dare in every mind
KRS is my representative on Earth
Challenge him not, he's been
If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace
We ask not
Way the back move that's exasperating
Tell me is it real no animating
Baby, I'm the player I can not be played with

I can take you home tonight
From the depths unseen
With malice reach
Death invades in silence
Shrouded within
The catacombs of once
Flourishing life now extinct
Animating space
smeared when you see me die
Diving for mavericks who grieve the block for your endeavors
Animating illustrating I'm dumping love
You were never calling you
Animating the inanimate structure
No cap, I be ridin’ with my fictional culture
It’s a rat race in this world of cats
But I’m cool like jerry with a black
Animating all these stories' what it mean to me
If you don't like where I'm going nigga tough luck
I'm doing this shit for my health that is my reasoning
and just for the fuck of it
Each an every time she get animating
My fuse to short, a nigga ain't having no patience
If you getting aggravating
I got bodies
with us from day to day
Animating every offhand word that we would say
Like the river that just rolls on by
Like the streetlights that only shine
Cough loud from the charred fumes 
Box drowned from the monsoon 
24 hits man it's long due 

Cali with me when I calibrate 
Animating like a anime 
In my
animating covering this by imaginating
Ok, yeah, yeah

Yeah imma hoe shit, bullshit, fucking mad piece
You a bitch shit, i'm living under imagine, aye

I do
Animating gloom
A wreckage in a harbor
A fan of praising doom
An unsettling persona
Festering proof
Amphetamine brings hauntings
I'm felling all the rules
done it's quite late
I guess pretending is contagious like hate
Sucked inside the character, animating
Trying to belong the intellectual affair of faking
that sets every detail
Leads us to glory we never cared about
And we never will

What we call integrity
Gives it soul and purpose
Animating the matter
on the Honeymoon
Animating your life just like a cartoon
And when you tired we will lay
Put yuh pon your back cause you know Chucky Royale don't play

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