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live with a killer instinct
You gotta die a little to survive
You gotta love with a killer instinct
You gotta hurt a little to get by

The streets
We're just a biological speculation
Sittin' here, vibratin'
And we don't know what we're vibratin' about

And the animal instinct in me
Makes me
and animals live by their instincts
Their motive fighting's their will to win
Wise man never loved doesn't need the complication
Passion brings no
battered with molten rock
We’ve evolved to be soft
The few will live and gorge on flesh; 
No animal without fangs is feared  

Filed down
Down to stubs
running your lives - Harassed by subjective circumstances - We succumb by machination - Too much subliminal - It's infecting our brain - Regularly soaking
It's running through my veins, animal instinct
Make me mad, I want you to die
Different politics, millions of homicides
I get my rocks off
then tell me how did you slip by.
All my instincts have failed me for once, I must have somehow slept the whole night.

And I am dreaming of them with
comprehend now

She awoke with eyes of fire to a world demented by spinners feeling,
Smelling, tasting all before her made her live. 
Growing, walking,
basic animal instincts, we think
So the battle for mental territory is glory, end of story

Reality, ain't always the truth
Rhymes equal actual life, in
Have me resort to animal instincts like Hung Gar and Flung a ninja star
Aimed at the head of an A&R white belt whose fight felt unskilled
Surrounded by
and ye dead same ti-ime

Man to man, I'm facin' the Devil with a plan
Judo stance, first glance, I'm makin' my advance
Animal instincts, intelligence
instincts like a animal

But it toughened us, put a whole lot of thug in us
And it paid off, cause can't none of y'all fuck with us
Don't get it twist, I
niggaz go hard and knock y'all down to survive
In this jungle, wilderness, we was raised
By the wolves and the scavengers, instincts like a animal
But it

Grow up poor, poorer than most 
No papa to show me the roast
So my animal instinct on me go for the dough 
A young n**** started packing
with ease
"Nigga please" is a new motto I live by
On records I'm still fly, y'all rappers will still die
We all monstrous, Godzilla spitter honors