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O yes we are. 

Left hand luke and the begger boys, 
O yes we are. 

Myxomatosis is an animal`s disease, 
But I got so shook up mama that it
The day drags by like a wounded animal
The approaching disease, 92 degrees
The blood in our veins and the brains in our head
The approaching unease,
Just me and animal,
Getting my dick bent I'm fuckin' an animal
Didn't have to say please I'm fuckin' an animal
With legionnaires disease I'm fuckin'
the fucking government
Animals tortured for your clothing
Sick disease, meat
Fucking disgusting
Crude rude, humanistic greed
"Do you love satan and all of his
wouldn't go through this
Ain't just no disaster if we hit or miss.
[And it's no disaster if we hit or miss]

Gathering facts just like animals.
nice and free and just for me
I have my little disease I said it's nice and free and just for me

I am my own animal
I am my own animal
There are thousands dance to the atrocity of the wartime blues. 
He thinks it's a shit dance but he likes the war and romance. 
Animal day, send me
All along the Internet 
Snuff movies and animal sex 
It burned my eyes and made them cry 
I didn't feel a thing

Already beat my memory 
From birth an existence of agony begins that ends with execution
Intentionally infected with diseases to then try to find cures for humans
the piss and beer are bloodstains on the floor
From the boy who got his head kicked in a night or two before

The worst disease
You can't
From birth an existence of agony begins that ends with execution. 
Intetionally infected with diseases to then
try to find cures for humans.
on it

Like the whales in the ocean, you could be come extinct
Don't let them haunt us
You know what I'm thinking
You better believe all the animals
of disease, which you've harbored since birth
Unwittingly the suffering
Everyday life, a virus
Condemn the molesters of fraudulent morality
Estranged outcast
Condemned to trash and leftover
Slid off the plate into a vat
Churned with milk and animal fat
Nose, ears, lips, and eyelids
from the bees
He places a blossom in my hair
And undresses me
He tells me that I'm the only one
That can carry his disease
I'm made to be an animal
It's Christmas
In old English village
It's that time again
It's Christmas
And those films again

Born in a barn
Surrounded by animals
"Animal rights ?"
"Keeping the brain going with microshocks."
Melted faces
Fractured cells
Implanted memories
Syringe of hell

of agro alimentary - Animals are the objects of manipulation - Drugged, mutilated and tortured - Destined to be eaten - Diseases are in their share too -
catch diseases
And wait them out
Till this tundra freezes

My moon's a naked cold star
Why do you take this so hard?

And how your heatwave ran
With execution. Intentionally infected with diseases
To then try to find cures for humans. Fractured skulls, broken bones,
Scalded flesh and blinded
Movin’ side to side
I feel the animal is rising
As I slowly come alive

So everybody starts to move now
I wanna see you all give way
I wanna tear
With a magazine stand? evidently he's getting a good

Arrive in neurotica
Through neon heat disease
I swear at the swarming heards
The doctor keeps the lady in a page in a book
On the history of communicable disease
The lady's been to school, she lets the doctor play it cool
He writes
After murder, we encounter
The great mystery
That which surpasses the human
Experience, the human disease
Directly before, a moment
We rule the streets after dark fast silent like a shark
The 1200 I got between my knees
My hog helps me to spread the disease
People don't

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