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some wild romance
Just look in their eyes and say it's not true
Look in their eyes, they're checking out you

Communication with the Animal Nation
to improve
Can't run from the higher primates
Unchecked intellect devours
Animal communication
Manipulating other's power

Life is an endless battle
the animals do, 
I'm ready to meet the crew
Yes, I'm ready for you

Earth calling you
I've been a gypsy fire, warm desire
You've seen this too
I'm hypnotized by rituals
Now that I am on my own
Tranquilized like an animal
All because I lost control

Are you tuning in to our conversation
circus animals again


Don't need no communication
Through the ghost-towns, and fade away

I'm outside

The railway don't come out here
on the side of the road
Houndog sittin' on the side of the highway blues

Ride the line to Hornsby station
Find my circus animals again


Destruction is my state of mind
Armageddon It'll come in time
When my whole world is gonna explode
My machine gun is gonna unload
Like an animal
Tranquility to infinity (Yeah)
Tranquility to infinity

Canibus is an animal with the mechanical mandible
Coming to damage you spitting