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swim, swim
all over the sea. 

Anglerfish whistles, 
Do not come inside! 
Baby shark says, 
We are losing our way! 
Anglerfish shows them
all the way
the darkness and the lighted lure on an anglerfish

But I'm not the same boy I was before the lake
I got a taste for something new and my appetite changed
revealing our bloody work here

Look into the doorless deep some more
The edge of a magneto world
A long delirium

Luminescent anglerfish
Spacesuit silhouette
an anglerfish, mangled in saloon
I'm saying you should take a dip 
Your kicks ain't perfume
Bracelets all up on your wrist, oh ya think ya cool?
Takin' out my
A house in the deep dark ocean
A wreck as my shelter
Where I lie among the pearly curtains
The walls of dead coral
The lightbulbs, the anglerfish
cackling coyotes
Kick it down, met with my own face
Pouting like Pavlov's dog kicked and abused
Projected in this hotel room
Footage of an anglerfish
me in the eyes?
You used to dive in them like abyss 
Now you're parasitic like anglerfish
You held my hand through many moons
Thought you'd hold them
to the depths to the cold 
Where no light can be found
To be food for the anglerfish that is my final wish
Blu cold and numb, Eaten away and shit
I'm just
Work with my hands
Keep up with my plans
Never prevailing is no option
Go back now in peace
Don’t take this from me
This anglerfish bites hard so be
Never again 
Will I find myself bored 

My baby is an anglerfish 
A hidden horror of the ocean 
My baby is a wrecking ball 
In an unrelenting motion
of bonobos
On a field full of mature rye covered in candyfloss and lanterns of an anglerfish

Prevent the return of Artides 

head,Im Anglerfish!Doo-doo-dooSea, sea, in the sea!
the prey of anglerfish?
Today it's unemployment.
Yesterday it was wages and tips.
Did quarantine engrave us with the chance to restart?
Or did it cause
Who am I?
My name is anglerfish! 
“Blink and blink!” 
There’s a bright lamp
 on my head.
“Follow me!”

“Mm, Stingray! 
Ah! Seahorse?”

“I’m just
here we come.
“Wow! It smells good!”
“Welcome to the Anglerfish restaurant!” Come to ocean building.

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