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Jim Donnelly was no angel sure 
But they burned his barn, broke down the door 
Well the children cried while they killed old Jim 
Then they
Jim Donnelly was no angel sure 

But they burned his barn, broke down the door 
Well the children cried while they killed old Jim 
Then they

On that range beyond the skies

In that country where he'll never grow old

On a good horse he'll fly

With the angels by his side

Running freely
(written by jim beauhall and s. johns)

Miss June's old gray two-story
Stands at the edge of town
Its weathered boards could use a coat of paint
Well, my mama used to tell me
A good woman's hard to find
Get a God-fearin', down-home girl that'll stay right by your side
But mama's boy's grown
happiness I've known.

You see me coming, you wink your eye and call me Captain Jim.
And when I don't do nothing but walk on by you say babe, get a load
Jesus, Mary and Joe
They done passed Heaven Bill 1070
Restricted signs everywhere you go
I think they want to bring back old Jim Crow
If there's a God
Say farewell, g'night, Sonny-Jim,
In your defenseless, winning smile.
What do you hope to win?
And bliss face down, defended.
Well, now stoned
we're worth the sacrifice
Cause if we are, you need to realize
It's about time 

I walked up the stairs to find three angels sound asleep
One by one
world but never been to Florida

They holdin' my shit, all winter
By the time the shit drop, I done already been there
The game's fucked, a thousand
by the road in an incandescent glow
My heart stood still, my foot slammed on the brakes

She said, "Please, please would you dignify my wish?
[Verse One: performed by ADMoney]
Listen up here's a tale about a white kid
That had to make some cash
Dropped out of school ain't never went
become my inspiration (My inspiration)
Gloria where have I been? (Where have I been?)
All these years I've been listening to Jim
Get out of the way
The universe had opened wide
The roll was called up yonder
The angels turned aside

Lights down in the hallway
Flickering dim and dull
Dead bodies already
Alone in my cave
It's corn flakes and Camels
And the long restless shadows of my life
None but the brave
Jim Beam and Jack Daniels
the chill
And he said he heard the angels singing 'Cabin on the Hill'
Through the springtime he was groaning 'The good times are past and gone'
me blinded by the light

It's so quiet in a sense, the silence just reflects
There's a crisis in my head from the vices I possess
And the prices
deep like a bachelor 
I turn shit over like a spatula 
You know how it goes by now, word to God 
Lyrics are so hard they'll be Kevin Costner's bodyguard
staff, I pray like this
I break mics in half, shit realism
Fuck Moet and baguettes, that get paid off
Or get laid off, I spray New York
I'm an angel

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