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You should have drunk it down with your prayers
I showed no mercy to you then
No mercy when


A glass unkissed by human lips
A glass
Morning shone among the shadows
Sunlight bled upon the silence
From the blackest night
Must come the morning sky

But yesterday was such a long
She smiles and smiles
It's the same old town that bled her dry
One more starlet one more time
Bound to make it do or die

Talk a walk
were my life, from you I fed of 
And now parted by knife, the suicide of our love 
So callous and frigid was that stillborn soul 
Yet no other half
To have someone be so admired
I threw creation to my king
With the silence broken by a whispered wind

All of this can be broken
All of this
She offers it confusion to distraught refugees
In the fields of poison ivy, through the famine and disease
You bled my loyalty 

memories of a love that's dead
Sometimes happy then sad
I need love, love help me

Passing by the grounds of time
Memories that are only mine
of a love that's dead
Sometimes happy then sad
I need love, love help me

[Passing by the grounds of time]
Memories that are only mine
Looking for love,
And I'm still breathing on my own
But thoughts are leaving one by one

One stood by
While the other came and went
The other flew away
So she wouldn't
I used to pray for rescue by burning up my pain
That's the only kind of prayer I knew back then
It was a fire of desperation for any wings in flight
The Reverend had his wife done in by a guy I knew in High School
He and a friend should do her in and make it look like a robbery
"Here's money
Don't see or heed the warning
Don't hear the sound of tyrants
Surrounded by the silence

Columbus and magellan and de gama
Sailed upon
And they ruled the woman's death a suicide
Bound by their behavior
They could have been her savior
Now guilt becomes the endless debt they owe
Suicide obsession in a world of betray
Taunted into silence and then bury the rage
Deep depression darkness fed, pull the trigger count the dead
Then one night, an unexpected intruder arrived to the castle
Seeking shelter from the bitter storm
As a gift, she offered the prince a single rose
Living in the city where the walls have ears
People judge you by the words they hear
Shake their heads while they chew your name
And then they write
As he slowly passed her by

Cause she likes to sit in silence 
And just see the big ole sky
And she always sees the lightning 
When it zaps her in
see or heed the warning
Don't hear the sound of tyrants
Surrounded by the silence

Don't see the storms are forming
Don't see or heed the warning
oh oh she loves me not!

Lord, I've discovered the recipe of Heaven
Ya git solitude and mix with sanctuary and silence,
Then bake it!
Listen, I
folded hands
So the world could see her golden weddin' band
Oh Lord she looks pretty in blue...
I have spent the night in silence by her side
He tried to play me
Shit got all crazy
But things just wasn't the same
So I ran up on him
Then pulled my mac out
And I blew out his brains
Miss Macbeth saw her reflection
As confetti bled it`s colors down the drain

And everyday she lives out another love song
the obvious be ignored?
The silence is threatening then she appears
The ceremony is performed

I'm here to paint you with my tears
Decried my spirit over
you're living a
Hundred years in one
And sammy, she went home and now she's living in a room with
A gun
Faustas ate glass for an appetizer, and bled all
I can wish it into existence, god want this nigga to live
Blunt big as a dread, I get high and forget who bled
Who we stomp-kicked in the head

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