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Art Is Meant to Be Analyzed After It's CreatedRejected wound made me to go around to let me find out why I was hurt Everyone's a lover At least,
this DCI

More I hate what I did
Clearer your eyes become
Because art is meant to be 
Analyzed after it is created

I didn't deserve her,
Either way,
here and I’ll stay there
Moment approaches
Hope we blow it
Just a quick affair
Just go this time
Move left or right
It's not a crime
I’ve analyzed
vibrations from the queen of the banshees
Hypnotized cochlear, analyzed gnostic
Matter transforming, I'm stretching out
I'll break the night with a bad scream
love for these payments
Over analyzed kissing making you legs go on shaking
This monetized living from different phases
Only wishing you forgiving for my
Contest to modern theory
Incapable of any progress
Analyzed, developed
Imitating consciousness
At least what it seems to be
Unhealing incisions, path that turns vicious,
A recurring sequence or an unbroken line,
It makes no difference to the one that's analyzed,
It's all
The whole fucking life  -  you`ve been analyzed
The whole fucking life  -  you`re blind
The whole fucking life  -  someone waits you to die
memories are all just a bit compressed

And I wonder who I am
Over-analyzed the plan
Taken step by step and we all find the truth
And I'll still wonder who I
You might not hear what I be talkin' bout
Can't listen with the open mouth
A wise old owl sat in an oak
And analyzed the proper route
I'm tryna be
I've analyzed the moons and tides
As far as I could find
I lost the piece of my peace of mind

Standing there like the debonair of who's who
don't know whos here

I'm Paralyzed
As it looks me in the eye
I'm being analyzed
I'm paralyzed
I'm analyzed

Its just another day
But the day will decay
I've analyzed the world today
I've analyzed the truth
Now everything is relative
And it's your turn to choose
But I'm scared of being responsible
around all
my nueves
See my life like a movie quit playing
Like a storm Analyzed teach
me lessons Shit
Since they took carter Shit
Ion feel
any better
to connect the dots
Cause theirs a murder on the lose
Frequencies are paralleling
I've analyzed the truth
And it's ugly
That all it took was changed to pave
actually works
It doesn't need to be analyzed
It's a blaze
Bon - d
Words describing
Thought describing action
Core of the fire
Like core of a person
for everybody nigga life ain’t safe
He took a step back and analyzed his faith
He looked back said he in it to his life they take
Bitch mad cause she
encompassing array
There's nowhere anyone can hide secrets or lies
When they scan you with their prying eyes, your words are analyzed
You never really know
the album, analyzed the style 
Tisk-tisk (Hatchew!) God bless you, child 
I'm unique when I speak to a beat 
Another rapper'll fall when the mission's
I want you
I want you

I had to subsequent my soul, cowardness kept a hold on me
And the key was analyzed on my role as a man
To instigate
alleyways of your psyche
That have gotta be analyzed
Psychological penetration
Of the fear you cannot hide
There's a key to a door to be opened
And I
isn't meant to be analyzed 

Why should you be all alone 'til your heart finds a home 

Tomorrow doesn't matter tonight, I'm holding you and it feels
We've had a lot of conversations
We've analyzed our situation
There's only so much that words can say
After awhile they just get in the way

a human host
Analyzed and cloned relentlessly
Synthesized until they set you free

Alright-okay, alright
Till they set you free
Till they set

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