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you, now about all of us and what we do.
Analyzation in of what we choose.
I made it here.
You made it there.
This all was just about you, now about all
She is my concubine, I am her porcupine
I poke her face her throat for taste, give me head like I'm on her mind
I know her analyzation, so when she
following to sex
Kissing you so scalar multiplication in depth
Kanade-Lucas tracker analyzation last breath
If I had an obstacle not to collide
It would be
turn the page
Wizardly wordplay, wisdom of a seasoned mage
Seize the day
I see the way as confusion seeps away
Self analyzation then reconstruct less
strugglin’ today with over-analyzation
So don’t you dare tell me you don’t understand what I’m facin’
‘Cause people cheated and lied
One too many times
Wish I
Love cannot flower
Through analyzation


Fear cannot be extinguished
Through thinking


Realize the wondrous relationship
Between all
But I get it
So let's forget it

Misrepresentation is an understatement
Over-analyzation's an understatement
Uh uh
A lot of caca we need to saca
And toss up to get it out of us to be proper
Self analyzation station is waiting
I will not beg to help you, in
over and again,
And it never quite ends, the way I want it to.
This over analyzation is testing her patience.
Just make the move.
With my lips pressed up
your pulse under her... thumb

And here I sit unrelieved
Pen in my hand and heart on my sleeve
Analyzation is art's pet peeve
Pen in my hand

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