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I can see
By the look on your face
That you've got ringworm.
I'm very sorry but,
I have to tell you that
You've got ringworm.
It's a very
In the kitchen
With a screaming triple amputee
Its completion depends solely
On my needs
Said amputee's stumps
Are my way of saying,
"Thank you
can feel it
refusal of the anesthetic for this amputee
cut off parts and cut up pieces
lord i know you're looking down won't you give me the strength

First there were feet
Of an athlete
Then there were toes
That decomposed

And all over me
Bled an amputee
On a symphony
Save me from
on the ground
An amputee and a pregnant hound
Sit by the young men with withered arms
As if death had already passed

Through every alleyway, and left
the stumps on this amputee
This amputee

Completely out of control
Full bore into the hole
All set,primed to implode
Sensory overload
Where there once
conclusion that's 
tired and beat 
Ringworm,crabs and lice/V.D. ecstasy, speed and horse/a 
heaven/of unmatched importance/an honor of sex to be stuck by
Johnny says he's bound
By only six strings to this world
Johnny Quest hates sellout bands
And Johnny puxors Ritalin
And Johnny is an angry amputee
The case of George Dedlow
Double amputee, one of 500,000
Civil War casualties
Suffered a phenomenon so bizarre
Even the doctors looked on from
I'm gonna steal some bedsheets
From an amputee
I'm gonna mount em on a canvas
In the middle of the gallery
I'm gonna tell everybody
It was
to the ringworm, take a turn and get burned
Tryin' to be this, realness
Shaolin barracks is very high tempered
Sensed it in the water surrounded by the fairy
the amputee is
Just the thing to ease the sting.
I've got a list og
Things to get round to.
I've got a list of
All the things I shouldn't do.
I know it by

Swarm dorms, sting birds, fling verbs like mean curbs 

Strike three, mics flee, I infect em with green germs, ringworm 

'cause I'm filthy
comb. hexagram. a scarub meandering with river phoenix.
viper club you over the head. you catch amnesia.
magnesium ringworms validated to an opinion.
thinkin, you're blinkin, career sinkin 

Old like Mod Squad, you rap like Lincoln 

Sideburns turned, you catchin ringworm 

A heavy virus, worser