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Spatter the stars
Douse their luminosity
With our amniotic retch
Promulgating the birth
Of another Hell on Earth
Shadows gather poisoned henna
Slid from my utopia of amniotic slime
God is a spider
God is a spider
God is a spider
Tryin' to block my path

And it's a matter of fate, and it's
escape its lifeless blue lips
Placenta disgorges amniotic fluid as the umbilical cord rips
Morbid nursery chymes fall on deaf little ears
On the hot concrete of the back porch
One in amniotic vomit
The other in fetal contort
Medicine clogged
Their stomachs 'til they overpoured
Strange how
and turn up the Howard Hewett

And some more, we had things to discuss
Like how we do it, we got amniotic fluid
And a baby floatin' though it
Hey, imagine if
Amniotic suspension
Heart rate rhythmic
Surrounded by sound
Blood nourished
Blood nourished

This union by love
Destroys the pain
Changes everything
meme war. we are the new pl.
seashel.l trilithium sulfate. amniotic fluid
summoned into existence by martha stewart
farfanoogle krill noodle pluto
to the fetus in the Amniotic Sea.
The quintuple man, the five senses division.
Add two for the number of world's oceans.
And two hidden gene threads may
The lost children of the earth
Swimming the amniotic seas
So young, but already 
Carrying a heavy fantasy
Of war and massacre

Our mother cries upon
A frozen Galaxy drifted
In Nature's amniotic seas
A universe of starry majesty
In the vast ocean of Space

Black planets rolled
Without lustre

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