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of cheap gasoline
I'm for sale by the side of the road going nowhere
Rusty old American dream

I rolled off the line in Detroit
Back in 1958
as mission
In trance in trance

Stand by the statue in fog
Events and casual affairs
I want to walk
Heat of the day
Heat of the day
Stomach's screaming deep inside
Another day got no place to hide

In need of sleep we crawl the street
American dream gone
Blood dirt money
I, I have a dream
I, I have a dream
I, I have a dream

Only Americans eat duck sauce
Only Americans eat duck sauce
Only in America
Cool water 

Sipping silver stream 
This is my 
American dream 
I know a squaw in Winslow 

Who swears by candlelight 
She said she'd
to dreaming an American dream
Here's to scheming an American scheme

See these bands they're black and blue
Seen a lot of dreams slip right on through
need it
So give it to me a little piece of the American dream
Hold on to your own ambition
Keep it till the day you die 

All you need is
myself as the Hungry Hustler, Afroman.
I am the American Dream. Even though the government tried to experiment with me
By placing me in the projects, I'm
The ancient pharaohs were not too bright they say,
But they made one contribution that I live by to this day,
It's the food pyramid,
And its
The ancient pharoahs were not too bright they say,
But they made one contribution that I live by to this day,
It's the food pyramid,
And its approved
Slicing through the night Three riders
Perched on American steel Riders with no name
Time cannot reveal riders with no names

On October 31'st
Representing from the cradle to the grave
Cause we living in the last day, coming through your TV in 3-D
It's the Lyte representing for the female species
That's obvious...obvious
There was a kid in the city selling crack to get by
Got caught one day with a gun in his hand
When a voice said, "OK,
to retire.
Second time in history, Atlantic flown by three Spaniards.
Here's one. Death of Barbara La Marr, film actress with five 
BBC asks for
those silly pompoms
On day 2 I fucked her and it was wild
She is such a slut

I fucked my american cunt
I loved my english romance
I fucked my american
days when they both looked forward to that
Great American dream

Now it's all over, it's all over, all over
And all over America people are going
I missed the American Dream

I drove through a freezin' winter
Through the middle of the great heartland
Spend my nights at truck stops
My days
time to rethink this dream that they call American
So one day it can mean something real again
On the day the water christen,
The best thing that could have happened by mistake,

The American dream on a shoestring,
First you grow it then you
wheelies front of Willyburgers
Candy apple M3's, slidin' out gently
Rollin up in Bentleys, Tyson was the champ then
Right after the Rooftop, years before
feet never touch the ground
His days fly by
He can't slow down

Casualties of the American dream
Have we lost our vision
Drifting off
i woke up screaming
just the other night
awakened by another dream

i thought back to '80
thinking what would've happened
if everything wasn't
I'm loving taking over the world
Hot blooded, all American girl (Whoa)
I was raised by a television
Every day is a competition
Put the key in my
the king of the hill
American dream I?m livin? that for real
Eleven Corvette a nigga tell me how you feel
The diamonds on my teeth and put them on my
By way of comparison, the federal government spent twenty-four million more on space exploration
And forty-three times more on national defense