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burning up
Let me down an put me up

Amatory story
Amatory story
Amatory story
Amatory story

Did you ever know you're my
patiently, you seem to bolster
Hate towards my amatory, vacantly, you are the sorceress

You are the sorceress, you are the sorceress, you are the sorceress
Amatory looks for hot sex,
Screaming from your voice box, larynx
O yeah!
Steppin' to a girl that basically is way out of your league
Out of reach,
ascendances and amatory tendencies
From here to heart arrhythmias
Oh don't you know we're not like this

Oh Floreal
Oh guillotine
Oh Floreal
I love your
Rahhh and was pink eyed
Loquacious never in a million
Amatory one might be Aphrodite
Vines with sharp spikes crawl to her twee swan neck
And black roses sing a grim song for the pale death
Their fallen petals covered the amatory bed
elixir for pain
Serendipity for the wanderer

The victim of the times
Has created victims for his lies
Amatory crimes

M boorish nature does not
You're amatory for your glory
Just try to think of what you did
Now it's all about when you say sorry
Hoping I'll have to submit 

You were all
understand. What's the fuckin' Tell Me a Fairytale?

Do you wanna hear some Fuka Fuka Yeah, Outcast or something like Amatory?
But all you hear are shitty songs
Братья и сестры, пока даешь на лапу им
А мы шевелим мозгом? будто мы AMATORY 

Миллион идей и мы каждую обрабатываем
Совершишь скачок - мы совершим
no amatory
Yes you've heard me
Keep talkin' dirty
So kind of the damn status
While in tingles got to wear frame famous
Faces movin' over dangerous

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