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Amaretto and coke
Oh, what your spirit can evoke
What wild a couple to combine
There's none more redolent than thine
A blend of blissful,
of the Henny
2 shots of the Goose
Yeah we drinkin' plenty
A bottle of Ciroc 
Shorties wanna pregame 
We already leanin' but
Wait until that Amaretto
We geven alles deze dagen
We doen het deze dagen
Stoppen met klagen
Schenk de fles
Alleen real ones weten echt fuck de rest
We geven alles
You sorry
When I got it 
Guh it's TOO LATE

Amaretto since we started 
Guh it's TOO LIT

You sorry
When I got it 
Guh it's TOO LATE

Amaretto since
сигаретный пустили по ветру, 
Запив Amaretto, спускаясь до дна.
Тысячи миль-километров прошли незаметно -
Без крыльев до неба. Давайте-ка к нам!

Клубы, бар,
on champaign
The shots and amaretto
Reebok to reebok so drop them stilettos
That's my kinda girl (yes sir!)
Oh when I run she's my number 1 lover
I want you to listen close my tempo be allegretto
So pick up the sour diesel and put down the amaretto
This America the ghetto
This is America
on your back, I said
Check out as a matter of fact
Chillin' out sea side sippin' on an amaretto, ooh
I been feelin' little tired so I really gotta
Сгорю, но останусь с тобой. 

Убежать, уйти от сюжета, 
С тобой за одно, на дно, тонким бликом любви. 
Лёгким запахом, amaretto, 
Слова доказали все,
1, 2 Bratans stürmen heut' dein Ghetto
Deine Drohung find' ich süß wie Amaretto
Gruß raus an die Brüder aus dem Bendo 
Deutschrap stirbt aber ich
She goes by the name of Meli Melo
She carries a halo
Sweet like amaretto
Masterpiece like a van gogh
Stuck to my heart like velcro
Amaretto Sour, Florida Sunrise
Dark 'n' Stormy, Mai Tai
Mai Tai

Cocktail life
Keep on dancing, turn the morning into night
And I don't know your name, you
the 90's
Stayin' lit with the Chocolate Amaretto plus a dime piece
Takin' Gortex steps, cause shit gets hot
Pistols pop, some you hear, some you know when
to get me a little somethin to drink y'know (mm-hmm) 
Went to this, went to this bar 
Ordered some Amaretto, y'know, bottle of Amaretto you know
multiple places to say
You know what I mean

-Andre Nickatina
Alright a brand new bottle of that sweet amaretto
Now pour a bottle of that sweet amaretto
inna yuh pushy shitn shen up"
Amaretto yellow, pull your g-string, chello

Yeah we living, we nuh see nuh limit
Money visit, full it to di brim it
lined in-between, what's real and fantasy
Addicted to pleasure, such a lovely touch, I'm vibin' the currents of this slow rush
Amaretto over ice (I love
just fine
C'ho sta spina nel fianco
Bevo un po' di Amaretto
Tutto si risolve bene
When I'm feelin' just fine, I'm feelin' just fine
Dimmi in me cosa ci
Over to the bar and order everything I want

Sex on the beach, blue mutha, fuzzy navel
Amaretto, bloody Mary and tequila 
Margaritas with the lime
a amaretto
Como carrusel, tantas vueltas me mareo
Fuiste to' lo que soñaba
Pero no dormía nada
Yo te daba lo mejor
El te daba si quedaba
Y Yo que te adoré
know you didn't have to
You should have known that I'd come back
With you there's nothing after
You closed the book on our chapter
Amaretto on my lips
got two Beretta
They watchin' like Amaretto
I'm poppin' like Amaretto
I'm in that Dawn, I swear
You know that it came with umbrellas
You know I
Je bois mon verre
L’amour m’effraie 
Mon coeur ouvert mon coeur prend l’air 
On a la rage et de l’or 
Sur la plage je rêve je dors 
Je me
my paper, you gon meet my baretta
Now shortie think I'm a sweat her (uh huh) I'm sippin on Amaretto (yea)
I'm out here doin stilleta, I know I could

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