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Dupes of a Disney
Frozen stiff
Lost in the Hollywood hills
Where dreams as real as Fredericks
Are sustained on air by pills
Where all the red
Hey Steve!
Hey Ed, that sounds nice, what is it?
Thank you, it's an alphabet song I'm working on
Oh great, a whole new alphabet,
I just learned
You can be my alphabet
And I will be your calculator
And together we'll work out on the escalator

I will time you as you run up to down
And you will
made mute by the virtue of decision
And I choose most of your life goes on without me
Oh the fear I've known
That I might reap the praise of strangers
it man
Same song and dance
In the pale moonlight

I'm looking at you yeah girl you're kinda taken back by
The whole rapper thing aren't ya?
stoop like Betty Boop
We'll make Campbell's Alphabet Soup
And spell Plug One's within
Forward march is the say
When transistors will play
Come into
stoop like Betty Boop
We'll make Campbell's Alphabet Soup
And spell Plug One's within
Forward march is the say
When transistors will play
Come into
of the alphabet that looks like an "O" with a little tail at the bottom.

Grover: Oh! Now I remember. You can start the song again.

Girl: Thanks, Grover.

Delta 88 or the sports Range?, Scarface
Stick to the script, I never snort 'caine, should've been
On that Meek Mill song 'I'm a Boss'
Even if I take
Disney card
Wrote “best wishes,” and “kisses” where she signed it
3 feet by 2 feet, I coulda hid behind it
I didn’t like the pity from Christina Li
mother lied, sound familiar?
It's the fucking Lion King
You stole from a Disney movie, you androgynous douche, what's next
The story of a French king
a parrot sings a song in the minor key of see, 
To inspire me, so we will see, 
This neurotic harmony that develops sonically. 
I'll be writing my plan
your year's gonna come
You didn't live by the pipe or the gun to be like me
Waitin for my turn to burn
and get a million-five, and a tax return
that be
dizzy me if you can't make a better song
And if you ain't see man you got the letters wrong
Cash motivation we go hard, fuck the alphabet minus A-R
I love beats by the Viking and the Alchemist
People get inside my head like John Malkovich
My life is getting complicated like calculus
I feel
the fellas
East, West, North, South
My style is really outrageous
And when you hear the song it's really contagious
It's simple enough, be understood by
I said baby, spin that round and say the alphabet backwards
You're dealing with malpractice, don't kill a good nigga's confidence
Just cause he
But a blood-red book when the others got funcrushed is a spot 

The terror fabulously gets hot 

Co Flow mossie 

Walt Disney meets Kaiser Soze
promoter: Alright, just remember it's crunk night.
MC Lars: In that case, I guess it won't be a problem.

This popular subgenre is brought to you by
mine gotta watch what you duin
Tied up to times, get back to my grind this whole blook hit mine you can't make one dime
The who by, I'm up like I snorted
will die it by the
Time you read this line - I'll be
Gone we're gonna have a splendid time as I sing the songs we'll never
Write we gonna have a splendid
We was just playin' in the ave the other day
I never thought I'd be makin' this song
Shit crazy, but look
I don't even know where to start but
be like that


I sing a song, to break your arm
The black is pimpin brook-lan, who am I the don
The pro with precon,
and burn, so when I woke up by the fire hydrant
I would have to learn I gotta stop! or I would die in violence
But my environments left me with the vicious
the hardest
Bombarded with comments by fans
Like "you the man but how come you still live in an apartment?"
Dirty carpet
Regardless the mic's on