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I might be too far gone than I wanted
But I can still see the flame
Far from the shore
Do work with the time that I'm allotted
Take a deep breath
Or was it me?

Figured out where I want to be
All in that time allotted me
Figured out where I want to be
All in that time allotted me
Of him that's allotted my love  for to be.

Then farewell my daddy, and farewell my mammy,
Until I do see you, I nothing but mourn;
Rememb'ring my
of consuming more than their allotted amount of air
Will be slaughtered and cremated
Only one cubic foot of air is

I have prepared a document, legalizing
The shares are a penny and ever so many are taken by
Rothschild and baring,
And just as a few are allotted to you, you awake
And with a shudder despairing
allotted twenty-five bucks a piece, including tax.

So I'd make up a different Christmas list every night
From the first of September 'til
That train don't stop around here anymore
It done moved on down the line

I'm gonna go back to Grandaddy's farm
On Cherokee allotted land
It ain't
No spousal trust, I was moving unconscious
I was talking with Jay and
Recruited a move that allotted me counsel
Back and forth without
planned idle luxury
Life in lovely allotted slots
A token nice, a nice constitution
A layered mass of subtle props

This could be heaven
Mild mannered
I became toxic allotted in badly shaded cement fuselages
of juvenile non-approval and loosely smoker's school cut abandonment
Where great
Now I don't want to hang it all on you
If blame must be allotted, I'll take some too
But someone just say "Damn it, I need to be tonight with you"
the frustration is a product of the gossip
If you can't walk away can you at least change the topic?
Overextended the amount of time allotted
Broke the engine, I
To get up and go through with it all

Your next allotted twenty-four hour slice of destiny
There's just a bad vibe
And rather than a world

I'll have finished my time here allotted
But I won't be in darkness alone
I will have heard from Heaven
The summons to come on home
sense of direction, you just can't find the will to get up and go through with it all, your next allotted 24 hour slice of destiny.
There's just a bad
If we wait, it may be too late
We'll make everybody cry, we wouldn't even have to try
If we stay, we may overstay
Our allotted time and it just
The sky was white and black and polka dotted
It must've been an Ariel day
And all of a sudden I was allotted
The chance to go with a big parade
played havoc with the grass --
Does anyone believe his garden's really going to last?
In the time allotted us, can any man keep miserly his own?
thing i did was aim
lock him in my scope
bust his melon open now i'm pleased 
in the name of MC's
already passed the time that they allotted me
knowledge since my fuckin' pockets knotted up
You was still a novice when my confidence was plotted up
Makin' the most of what this bullshit world allotted us
Ah, waddup Awaken In?

I never sought approval from the tutors or the marks allotted to ya
When a man intentionally stops and shoot ya the remorse is
You my shawty, on my PE$O Peter, girl, you know I got it
Aye - flex right on your ex boy
Aye - been said I'm that next boy
Aye - happy cuando estoy
the floor of my mouth there's a pulse in every drop of history
Space is allotted for the questioner
At small things, the smallest things that could ever be
Allotted the whole club up when we spotted it
And if we wanted it fill it with men and spawn and shit
Ain't nothing wrong with it lets get the party

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