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but I got bored.
I was born to rock heads and fill them too,
But did the world really need another Blink 182?
Stuck on this Earth like glue since
daughter had a heart that was wild and free
If you blink 182 then you'd miss me and her
Every verse had a story
Yeah, them pocket lighter nights lit up
wanted all along
She's got a talent for fame

Took her down Broad Beach
And made her sign her name
Many said, she went too far
Now she's famous in her
This thing called "Life" goes by so quickly
On day you're here and then you're gone
This is the moment I've lived my whole life for
And I'll never
the small things, blink 182
Baby, after all its said and done, all I want is you
And I know you want me too girl its written on your face
If the myans were
A turn of the page with a blink of your eye
Our two steps in rhythm our hearts beatin' time
On the inside it all happened on the inside it all went down
Spreading the evening sky with crows
The sky all black placenta
Its too big to ignore

pull out the lawn chairs,
And watch the angels rip out their
deep crew
You say you know the what but you do not know the who
Pay attention you could miss it if you Blink 182
And me I'm the one just like I'm U2
I've been too afraid to ask you
But I need to know

Is this the way love goes
Say it isn't so
Is this the way love goes
put all my eggs in a postmodern song
Lucy can't dance to the noise but she knows what the noise can do
Or this shallow orb mugged by reality
and playettes, teachers, staff, and students
I am very honored to welcome you to the high school annual talent show
Brought to you by the makers of Wiz Khalifa
a pine tree by my knees
Sunshine through the shade
Nobody knows what it's all about
It's too much man - let it all hang out

Saw a man walking upside
I'm gonna tell you a story that's all about
This job I had one time as a talent scout, hmm.
I had a hard day at the office and the boss wasn't in
Just be careful where you implement the straps
All this weight can be salvation when the air is much too thin
But it can pull you down too far
find a strange delight
Knowing the my eyes don't blink
Head don't think

So you see my friend, there is no end, this was only yesterday
So we burned
lost it all
The hand can seem so deceiving
But pride it comes before the fall
It's time I started believing

Broken by life's deceptions
Mended by one
who feelin it
New true skill in it
Y'all the roots still in it
Ready plus willin it's all the true killer shit
You know we got them
We too
missing out the punch line
Unless this hanging noose
Is fitted to be all mine

I stood by everything I loved
While you never understood me much
But nevertheless you'll have stress, cause I don't rest
You want to know what my problem is, if you're curious??
I take this hip-hop shit too
Y'all just pressin' charges
It's often injury
Floss and force my entry
This penitentiary
Knockin' n****s for centuries
It's elementary
too close to the fire

You are stuck in a beautiful future
Changing and waiting and seeking the truth of it all

Fleeting in sorrow
Pushing your
the liars that blink are bound by the sender
Trinkets you gave have all rusted down

All of this time
Bedsore containment
Where am I now
That the music
of deadbeats get em drunk and on the pot

I don't make a lot of money but live a life inspired,
By living off the fruits of my work so I can be retired
the door would open first
You had a talent for excuses...
An innocent who'd been coerced
You had to have it all rehearsed when
Knocking at the big house
When your hand brushed against mine
I thought I'd collapse
I'm no rolling stone
I gather too much moss
Maybe it's 'cos I'm getting
A little bit

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