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All together, all alone 
Places can not claim us home 
Creed of love bars not our way 
Singing shapeless as our day 

Fishwives leave
spirit free
Began livin' in respectability

But his old ways of thinkin' wouldn't die
Could not forget the old creed he lived by
And the good and bad
with a vengeance
History consumes its own
Wicked voice, a whispering flame
Stems from all past foul deeds
Telling me that you're to blame
Ruled by your
We were born in a Golden Age
Beyond the creed
Blown with the winds to meet
The ones who creep
And pray
Unsoled feet traces on fresh sand
A map
You lay awash and undecided
You're at the mercy of my moody tides
Why don't you drop your
Cosy creed of solid thoughts
And change your point of view
choice but to hussle
some break down when the going gets tough
deep in the manners all kinds of different people
mines over east still struggle to be
choice but to hussle
some break down when the going gets tough
deep in the manners all kinds of different people
mines over east still struggle to be
Him speaketh in tongues into the hearts of all flesh
Yeah stanyoi, whoi

Oh God, I beg for forgiveness, so help me Lord, yes I beg for forgiveness
Him speaketh in tongues, embedded into the hearts of all flesh
Yeah, stanyoi, whoi

Oh, God, I beg for forgiveness
So help me, Lord, yes, I beg for
many faces 
Many faces made of stone 
I figure they are angels 
All neglected by your throne 

Deserted as lifeform 
Between heaven, between hell
the wrath
From what happened in the past
Has made us walk a path
Made by slavery
Though bravery
We lost
Our unity our source
Of power and we lost
All race
face judgement in the end
And He proved all He said by raising from the dead

This was no deception as some have said
Jesus Christ the victor, raised
us darkens, we look up to face our fears
And by the rise of his all powerful hand, he sets vengeance and proclaims "Follow me or be crushed
I'm a fresh MC, who's on his way
To be an MC with the most to say
And to all those out there, that don't know me
I go by the name of D. M. C.
nook of zen philosophy late at night
A man desires a woman white, black, tan, but the fires are flamed by names and traces and the places and the faces
Now turn to face me upon the timeless plane 

Kill me if you can. 
Death is life! 
By the full moon they rise from their graves. 
Feel this,
To all those races, colors, and creeds, every man bleeds for the 
Countless victims and all their families of
The murdered, tortured
Fat doobies to the dome yo make you death
Slapped in the face by the fear of my enemies
On a life and death mission I can soak Hennessy 
Fuck fear
the players at the table
Two men of the phantom creed
Seemed to play with sombre purpose
Than a reason and pure greed
And the gambler felt his back freeze
As a re-occurant theme the motive is blood
I bleed, beneath the surface deep beneath my face I bleed 
I believe, echoes in my mind as Apostle's Creed shines
the secrets that you seek
Are all around you-

Use your eyes.
The threads cannot be broken
That have brought you here to me -
And bind two foes together
niggas on Twitter who want to brand me as bitter
Watch your mouth and bite your lip
Or get it split by a spitter
Now do every drug you want cuz it's all
your casket, spit in your face
Enter the fog dog, the light is your guide
And when you're gone all your niggas gon' light it with Nas

Now tell me what
catch these
Who's the Sam Sneed makin' microphones bleed
Poker face creed while my mind just read
Shorty got rhythm but her freak got freed
Reno, we all we got the creed to Nino
Pretty cars in the driveway
If you cut it then you sideways, double up, crime pays

Mama's tryna save me
But she