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cheetah love

This girl is a friend for life
I'm gonna be there when
You need me that's right

Yeah this girl is never gonna change
No matter where I
cheetah girls we stick together for life 
Sometimes we don't see eye to eye but we roll side by side, 
Yeah there is nothing in the world
That we can't
show you how!

Santa's got a new look
He's dressed up in Cheetah spots!
And all the reindeer too!
Chanel's decorating
Aqua's got cookies baking
the way it feels
Step up, it's now or never, step out, all the Cheetah Girls
Say it loud, we're here together, time for us to show the world

Show 'em
with me, I'll set you free
Chains can't hold us down
I need you, if you want me
Lovers we are bound

Sweet cheetah, cheetah
I love it
good 'bout me, you should just believe her
Take-taking all her girls out, naked girls in cheetah
Feelin' on they ass, while they rolling up the cheeba
gutter, ghetto girls fall in love with me
"You know him well" "by the name of Jigga"
I'm so gangsta prissy chicks don't wanna fuck with me
"You can love me
chicks don't wanna fuck with me
Iceberg, Slim baby ride rims
I'm so gutter, ghetto girls fall in love with me
You know him well by the name of Jigga
To the funk doobi thanks for showing up 
All my brothers in Korn I love you 

Dad and momma I'm coming home 
Whuddup to my girl Sage 
Shawn, Teddy Swoze
life back to me

Well I'll see you in the future skipping time
While the eyes of all the faithful rest in peace
And tonight I see the highway
we're moving on
We've been thinking 'bout it all year long
Got the right moves, cheetah girls
Here we go gonna rock the world

Party 'cause you know
pumps, Gucci slouch bags
Now tell me, is that dirty money really that bad?

All my fly bitches like
(Dirty money, dirty money)
All my stripper bitches like
out of this raggedy Ford
And into a shiny new two seater
Dress my girlfriend up like a cheetah 
I'm gonna sign my checks: Yours sincerely
For all
we're moving on
We've been thinking 'bout it all year long
Got the right moves, cheetah girls
Here we go gonna rock the world

Party 'cause you know
got no shoes
Never had the blues
She ain't never gonna go down on you

I wish that all the girls were my sister
Then all their dates would call me
Bring her back to me
Run run run, the crown of our pharaoh
The throne of our queen is empty

We'll run to the future, shining like diamonds
swinging it baby
See, you're a tiger girl
The way you're scratching me
I'm a lion
In this jungle I'm a king
Girl, I got you so wet
It's like a rain
Its 4am and you are up getting fucked up
And what a world, it is all girls, I'am in luck
Say hello to your sisters and lets try some yoga
out ladies?
Yeah, soldiers
We 'bout to line it up just right
Check it, watch how we do it

Make way for the kid to come in girl
And let me rock
you're a tiger girl the way you're scratchin? me
I'm a lion in this jungle I'm a king

Girl, I got you so wet, it's like a rain forest
Like Jurassic Park
of my classes
Hit me in the hood, red carpet, pants saggin
Rob you on Front Street in 75 classic
My potnahs know I'm good in the hood besides rappin
I've seen her, it was up in Club Cheetah's
Like Solomon and Queen Ashibah, but I be cheaper
Watched her before I greet her, she kept dissin' all
the meter

Yo Bus, me and Spliff, we got heaters
Everything's allright, lets get drink up inside of Cheetah's
Go up in Cheetah's...

(Spliff Star)
don't cross my dusty path
Or I'll put my foot up in crusty ass 
Don't front ho pass the jay
Then hear me M.C. and watch me D.J. 

To the beat y'all
keep green around me like I'm a Celtic
Kamals to the gold room I be bottle poppin'
Twenty grand all in hundreds, I'm going shopping
Rain to the blue

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