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Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod
Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod
Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod

I'm thinking about
the tears begin to flow
Cause I pass by every place we used to meet
And when I'm home alone
My friends call me on the phone
They all say that you will not
Written by Dennis DeYoung
Lead Vocals by Dennis DeYoung

I flip the switch on my laser video
And there's the man staring back at me
He starts
will listen, please
I am an old cow puncher and here I'm dressed in rags
I used to be a tough one and go on great big jags

Once I had a home, boys,
I see the birdies in the trees
I see the fishes in the seas
And perching on the garden wall
I see the man that made it all
I see the sand, I see
Written by Buddy Randell, Beau Charles
Lead vocals by Dennis DeYoung

lies lies
you're telling me that you'll be true

lies lies
that's all I
drunken feeling of
Flesh heavy with lust
Love used to be the photograph of the future
Taken by one mind four eyes could see
Love used to be
Love used
to think that I'm the one who set you free
Will I ever get used to being your old used to be
I've gotten used to people's stares as I walk by
I keep my
'm gonna be right here yeah

So get used to me checking in, all day
Used to me falling through just to see your face
There in the moment I won't need
Tell me, where in the world did we all go?
That used to be us, oh, that used to be us

I had a drink with some buds, played a lot of catch up
wearin' no mask at all? 
No gimmicks, just me bein' me 
But you ain't bendin' or offendin' me 
Cause anyways Hennessy used to be a better friend to me
lives in a corner called Hell
Now you're out there and I'm in this cell
And if you can't be here by midnight
If all of your connections fail
Say a prayer
surrender, I will survive, so help me Jesus
We'll be together until the end of all space and time

Everybody's got an infomercial, 
Everybody's psychic
Dennis is a menace with his "anyone for tennis?"
And beseeching me to come and keep the score
And Maud saya "Oh Lord! I'm so terribly bored!"
But now the sun shines cold 
And all the sky is grey 
The stars are dimmed by clouds and tears 
And all I wish 
Is gone away 
All I wish 
Is gone
and Asia
And Japan and China and Mama Africa
Could just come together this wood would be better
'Cause love is the power spread it all over
would empty out the trey pounds
Ditched school especially since it was an all Crip school
I'm lucky I'm alive, but would you be if bullets hit you?
After my shows it's a lonely road
So I sit up all by myself trying to cleanse my soul
Nobody's looking at me anyway
Just give me one good time
Extreme complicated businessman, can't be reached 
No type of headquarters, deserted land, by the waters 
Target my focus on, internal thinkin' by myself
to be used by you

This is my desire
This is my desire to be used by you

All my life I have seen where you've taken me
Beyond all I have hoped
And get your motherfuckin' shirt wet (nigga)

I got a million ways and one that you can die by
But I prefer to use my gun so you
the cash in hand 
And I'm splashing Rands
That used to be some Euros, I used to be a zero
Now I rap to the track like a super fuckin' hero
Cheri Dennis
Bad Boy
La Familia
The saga baby

Before I met you couldn't take stress
'Cause after BIG died my nigga Mase less
It has a bittersweet refrain

So play the song the way it used to be
Before she left and changed it all to sadness
And maybe if she's passing by
it new
I never outgrow the miracle
A heart that was empty flowing full
I never get used to what You do

I grew up surrounded by
The Family of Life