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marveled at the artistry
Predating or technology
The vision there for all to see
Bold and strong and true

And I wanted I wanted I wanted
To take that
a capsule
Sometimes you can hide
Last night I just needed

I needed to ride
I wanted to drive my car
Didn't really care how far
I wanted to roam to all
a graveyard
Bullets in MacDonald's
Mottos born to kill
Tattoed on children's skin
And when I saw the hole in the sky
At the north pole
I really wanted to wake
Well I told you once let me tell you again I never ever wanted to be your best friend All I really wanted to do is get to know you All I really
Oh Mr. Crosby, (Yeah) Oh Mr. Crosby (Ask me son)
All the orchestras are swinging it today
And I wanted to find out what the noise is all about
I would've gone by now but
I really need you near me
To keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave
I would've left by now
But you're the only
All I wanted was to be wanted
All I needed was to need what I'm feeling
By the radio, with the lights turned off
And you never really knew about it
watch all the indirects
True say man might see me as a threat
I don't mind going out as a legend as long
As I'm known and Manchester's best

So picture
a passer-by
(I'm falling again)
He wanted to see some evidence
(I'm falling again)
That he could really fly

Balanced on the edge only time could tell
I would've gone by now but
I really need you near me
To keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave
I would've left by now
But you're the only
the glimpse
Of a true heart that I understand
Never wanted to see you cry
I didn't ride the dark horse to town
The storm is passing
The clouds roll by
Night after night, I try to make it all fit together
Night after night, I see you as someone I remember
You took me by surprise, opened up my eyes
Oh I almost can't believe that it's for real, so pinch me quick

I really don't think it gets any better than this
Vanilla smile and a gorgeous
the blame all my way

She left me cold and hungry by the riverside
And it was oh, such a pity ''cause I really t
Yo, listen

I went from 0-100 real quick, all by talking some real shit
I got a taste of happiness, til I realized that people just wanna steal
Poor Old Jack"

But I never intended all this madness, never
And nobody really understood, how could they?
That all I ever wanted was to bring them
It's all I ever wanted
Ow! It feels so big it almost hurts!

Never guessed it got this good
Wondered if it ever would
Really didn't think it could
Do it
None of you would help me when i baked by bread
Now all of you would help me eat it
I can see that you are very well fed
This indicates that you
My Pa can light my room at night
With just his being near
And make a fear for dream all right
By grinning ear to ear

My Pa can do most anything
When you first left me baby 
I thought I would surely lose my mind
Everyday of life was just another day gone by
Well you really had me down in
that's all I really wanted
(Oh say it)
that's all I really wanted
Tell me that you love me
I need to know (I need to know)
Say that you love me (I
To keep me company is you

Mr. Pain, oh, it's you again
Never really wanted us to be such friends
You always seem to show up
When I'm all
've wanted you too much
And now I've gotta choose

You're the cause of all this
And I'm sick of trying to please you
And you're gonna feel my emotions
be easy after all
Maybe I'll just have to fake a smile after all
It may be a lonely evening after all
Singing after all
After all