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or something
Get 'em a purse or something
Might get 'em in church or something
We heard the deacon speaking
I'm Donnie McClurkin frontin'
I smell pussy, them
puppet on a string
I want more than I see coming
All I want is everything, all I want is everything

My next door neighbor Donnie
Died in his room just
the quickness
As I kick this
I'm on a mission
So listen as I dismiss
All this negativity by takin' a stand
Cos we're five bad brothers from the bean town

I need some more
Do du do more
Do du do
Give me some more
Do du do more
Come on baby won't you play?

Don't be manipulated by industry
I'm already ready by the time I get there, roll my body on her body, roll my hand in her hair
She bb in her pictures when I in the air
Give me a sour power
I'ma need a sponge roller and some sweet pajamas
Give me some Donnie Simpson
On Video Soul where I got my first attention
a chrome fifth when they murk them
Then murk off in Excursion
All cause a nigga be lurking
Big money shit we earning
A bunch of hooligans need churching
Old boy Goose bought a new pontoon
Roll out now, hit the lake by noon
You bring the drinks and I'll crank the tunes
Get some hot sun
Jeep full
the stack
I get my change, now go cop, get'cha a drink
And have a hoe butt-naked washed up by the sink
Blowin' stink, and I don't see grass on the field
Darko makes no sense
L train girls don't make sense
(I don't get it, I don't get it)

Hipster girl
Cool by the numbers and she rocks my world
Knows all
[Verse 1]
Give me a sour power 
I'ma need a sponge roller and some sweet pajamas 
Give me some Donnie Simpson 
On Video Soul where I got my first
pickle make ya wiggle
You're busted, my mustard will wax your whole plate
By itself, not including all my funky condiments
Nod your head to this

Let's not get serious, just straight to business
Because your lovin'is all that I need.
My body's achin', don't feel like waitin', baby
That make them haters mad
I keep the, sticky burning club is bad
You all know what color's that
All you know it's Donnie G Shorty with the maxed that
a good team


From the house to the cars
To the bank accounts
I do all of that
No matter what you need
Those things I bring and all
Sometimes I feel like I've drifted, I feel different I feel gifted
I've been high so long, don't need to smoke to get lifted
I've been under pressure
You go from completely fine to you don't wanna 
Talk at all? I mean, come on, what's the problem? 
I need one thing done, it should not be that
switch up his accent "Now I'm from Paris"
Cash the bill, frozen element, Segal
Signs from the most high causes me to break them all
How the fuck was
Got interrupted by a drive-by shooting half a block away
Vaheem was in the window, he didn't get hit though
All please due to Allah

I see all
will the angels catch me?
Or in it all is it my destiny?
Is there a sound when the ground absorbs me?
Or a dream tellin' me my story

I called up my
but has anyone seen Donnie?
I don't know, but I thought I saw him walking towards the corner store.
Nah, he's at the park playing ball
Oh, here he
vagabond wondering menstrual forms of phobia
Worst fear the terrace stricken muted
The roots of all evil I've rooted pinnacle
Poised with pride pouncing
you need you intreigued by the smell of my weed
I represent reality in your world full of lies
And i can see it in your eyes
You worried sick and I
everything the same old way 
Tired of playing all the games that people play 
This running round in circles gives me no peace of mind I need to find

high causes me to break the mold
How the fuck was y'all niggas thinking? You think I fell off the ledge?
The legendary Ghost Deini might be dead?

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