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the way I ought to
As the days go rolling by
See me strolling through the meadow
With you baby by my side
Won't you come and see me, All Saints Day
Ol' Saint Nicholas gay are we
Catching kisses by the yuletide tree

Wouldn't you know that you'd be responsible
For all the holiday noise?
I see you here night after night
All by yourself in the blue neon light
A drink in your hand, a tear on your face
A beautiful woman so out
right, how'm I gonna tell?

I travel by day and I seem all right
But when the dark comes I'm a fly by night
I'm nobody's fool, 'cause you'll only fool
Come to me in dreams again
Wings of angels tears of saints

In that cathedral by the hill
We stood and smiled in happier days
The fields along
merge into one 
Sinners and saints, dark and light 
And the play I've come to show is bound to last 
For the day has come for me to bless the cast
to a life of sin
Old brother Brown all week he steals tells everyone this big business deals
The deacon walks by a dollar hits the plate
Tryin' to buy self
After the wash
Before the fire
I will decay
Melt in your arms
As the day hits the night
We will sit by candlelight
We will laugh
We will sing
But we are, covered in the storms 

We live unbalanced 
Covered in the shadows 
Born to be fools 
Adoring lost souls
All the saints (all
She knew that is was true
He wasn't a saint

But he was a saint enough for her
He was a man,
A man of his word
The final days of summer, 1964,
Whenever she walks flowers grow in her footsteps

Whenever she talks all the birds hush their singing

The heart of a saint and the face
In days gone by
There was a king
A fool for love
And all it brings

So high and wise
Could read your mind
A fool for love
And love is blind
She still finds me something when there's nothing there

Saints alive and saints be praised
Angels dwell among us still these days

For the crooked
Stuck inside a never ending rhyme
But you're comfortable
Just another decomposing alibis
Sing yourself to sleep
Count the days gone by
every single day 

if you had all the facts, all the fictions 
if you knew everything about science and all about religion 
would you stand by your
sinners dressed as saints
Lies and the half truths they paint
Another day
Your memory fades

I shall not mourn
Yesterday's tears
All that is gone
She still finds me something when there's nothing there.

Saints alive and Saints be praised
Angels dwell among us still these days

You can always tell the winners
The saints and the sinners
Down at the starting line
I'm a lucid vision
Of the unforgiven
I'm your wave-toss guy
Are you just too cool no
You're just perfectly cold
And what goes around still
Comes around
I think it's all summed up and
Down in a fool like you
I will provide for you
And I'll stand by your side
You'll need a good companion
For this part of the ride
Leave behind your sorrows
Let this day
place . . . . 
How do we keep from going crazy now? 
My life was leading to this day 
Watching the whole thing slip away 
It's just a fool's paradise
As they search for blood
All eyes descend on one
Honest man in chains
But that don’t matter anyway
My judgement day

My flesh will feed
In retrospect that diamond day
Did not make second best
And sometimes when a thousand voices
Tell you that you're wrong
A saint in any form
and earth have kissed each other

The sun will rise and light a brand new day
Every knee will bow unto Your name
All the saints will shout and sing Your
When my day's work is all through
The sun and the lights, well, I wish I could fly
To get back faster to you

I waited all day by the telephone

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