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(Lil Wayne talking)
Fuck, Man I been on this block all day
Hot ??? my shirt, Hot
Boy that look like Baby
That ain't Baby
That is that nigga
everything and kill 'em all
Young or old, nigga, big or small
Ain't nothin' nice

(Hook [Lil Wayne])
Ain't nothin' nice around here, stupid
Keep playin', you
zero comma, aw, fuck it, it's plenty
You lil boyz tell y'all baby-momma I'm back in town
You lil boyz smiles done turned into frowns

[Lil' Wayne
And if you don't get the hell when he swervin' by
That's your issue - God bless ya - you deserve to die

[Lil Wayne]
I hope y'all niggas understand that I
x 2 
(Lil Wayne) 
I have you burning up 'cause I be (Hot Hot) 
Like a firecracker 
I'm (Tss Tss) Pow 
See these niggas can't take me 
[Lil Wayne]
What what what 
I'ma flosser baby 
Baller baby 
A fifteen year old shot caller baby 
I'm raised in the hood 
In a all black call 
[Lil Wayne]
We have them bitches like it was unplugged
Its Weezy wee, Mannie fresh, and unplugged
We have them bitches like it was unplugged
[Lil Wayne]
You know how we do it
Weezy and Petey, baby
This here is 500 Degreez
Holla at 'em dogg

[Petey Pablo]
Cause I know I
[Lil' Wayne]
What what what
What what what
What what what
Listen, listen
When, I come through, bustin'
Everybody on, the block be, run-nin'
Birdman I shine
22's on it?
The bitch ain't mine
I taught her the game ma
I gave it all to her
Weezy Wee my son I give it all to him
[Lil Wayne
(Lil' Wayne)
Say Juvenile, in my section they be killing
All day glocks be drilling
You won't catch nobody chilling
Cause we trying to make a million
Lil Wayne:
I ain't terrified from nuthin'
I'm young wild crazy and disgustin'
Better watch me 'cause I'm coming 
With a oven by my stomach
Lil' Wayne representin'
I cut like blades, I bust heads, and break legs
I tear up dreads, take our breads, now go figure
What? From the 17th, I
[Lil Boosie] U can catch me by tha school zone wit my McKinley blue on wit a tool on that'll have you you you and you gone you niggaz hatin on a boy cuz
fuck around and get smoked
Fuck around with them fuck-arounds, and you fuck around and get smoked

[Lil Wayne]
I'm rollin, all my niggas rollin,
Anything you want in the world
Anything you want in the world
Give it up to me

Hey can we go by walking
Or do you prefer to fly
All of the roads are
[Lil Wayne]
Fuck with me, you know what it is

[Chorus: x2]
I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm, head
The heater burner bruisa is on my hip this
daddy's gone
Rabbit come home, why ya left us all alone?
But I'm coming man
Just wait at the gates, I'ma be running man
Arms open, eyes wide, full
Lil Wayne could not have found him a better successor
Every shot you see them take at me? They all contested
Allen Iverson shoe deal, these niggas
it for my dudes
All the niggas on the block that got that work to move

[Lil' Wayne]
It's Weezy baby, young and from the Dirty South
Get up your
candle grease
And I be's the little nigga
Cooler than anti-freeze 
Defrost on your window pane 
Lil Wayne
But in Hollywood it's Little Wayne
Me and Lil Wayne keep it real like we supposed to
It's a few niggas carros (???) that i get close to
Any other I put a slug above their shoulder
saw it
Its off tha chain

High yellow Mexican b****es they all for brain
But watch them hoes who want the change
Its not a game
Or short cuban
like this 

{Lil Wayne} 

full of that danger in all black like this 

and if a nigga want some more then we be back like this, what? 

[Lil Wayne]
Got a early call from Kisha
Kisha wanted me to meet her
She said she thought it was time to make the relationship get deeper

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