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Eddie Fisher/Rosemary Clooney/Bing Crosby 
(Irving Berlin)
from the 1954 movie "White Christmas".

Eddie Fisher/Rosemary Clooney/Bing Crosby 
(Irving Berlin)
from the 1954 movie "White Christmas".

Me rat a tat, tat tat tat, on you dog hoes
Twerk all right getty up Eddie Bow
Bounce for that Outfit twerk for that Elflic
Brawl for that Polaroid
Godson, large guns, hard drums
Problems, plastic livers and hard lungs
Far from, a colourful artist
Untroubled regardless, humble and cautious,
like grand theft auto PSP 
I'm in the Volvo, puffin on the lala 
Ducking from the popo 
Every time I drive by, say hi to the bad guy 
All my mama
Employs a bundle of joy journey onto motherhood instantly begins 
Precious from conception was this little life within delicate and 

Special open arms
of activity is governed by the wishes of somebody else

Them niggas wanna see me runnin', they know I won't
They say misery loves company, no, I don't
gotta scream

If it's about joy
If it's about life
If it's about love
It's about time we get started
If it's about trust
If it's about hope
be alright
Once I get settled and used to bein' away from home
I didn't realize how much I loved you and all them noisy kids until I left
And I didn't
Broadcasting live from the left coast
The land of la la, movie stars, pimps, playas, hustlers and purse straps
It's w balls, the station that murders them all
ever have a moment of doubt about capitalism?
And whether greed is a good idea to run on?

Well first of all, tell me;
Is there some society you know
What a joy I feel to think about forever
I'm a child of God with blessings from Heaven
By Your side, days always brighter
The Holy one, my Master, my
Joy from a stranger as he walks by and says
Hi, Merry Christmas to you and yours
May you receive everything you wish for and more
I see love
Nigga's hustling today, trying to stack me a bundle
When you balling in the jungle, now sometimes you fumble
I suggest you stay humble, keep from
always been there by my side
You've taught the wrong from the right, mama I love you

Yesterday was you fifty-ninth birthday
Time flew missing you in
This is what, this what they want huh
This is what it's all about
Time to take Affirmative Action son
They just don't understand, you kna'mean
her out 
B-boy style (what what??), you know we're all wild 
Biggity-back from the sewer, check the profile 
The doe-getter, the show-ripper,
all the time
That's what these muthafuckas think about me, they ain't made it
Mad 'cause niggas be tryna' ? ? ? some g's,
Smoke weed (? ? ? some g's,
You were conceived at the right time everything about you blows my mind
Thought I'd been in love before now I just got my foot in that door now
Used to do my chores, now you're acting like a whore
Phones at my crib with you off to the store
For now, you don't love me no more?
Hey, by the way
the Dodgers
I'm all about survival, and dead on arrival
Blowin' shit to my rivals under accounts from the assualt rifle
I'm here to dismantle and cause
fronts, from Eddie's gold caps 
What y'all know about that 
I bet the whole Queens do, around '86 with the chrome bass crew 
The young guns and lost boys
your eyes all that I _________
What more could I expect from life
Than your lovin' and tender kiss

And they can talk about paradise
And all the dreams
Dawn Roses, that is what you call
All the girls in the world
Even the thorns
You're surrounded by an army of two
Who adore you.

Our joy isn't
Sweet Joy
Butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil,
Tornadoes in Texas.
Hold my hand, walking two by two,
Noah forgot us.
Protect us.

If you were