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By dune I'm going
Surface of dust covered ice scattering
Through the rainbow
Scorch and suggest
When lava pours out near the sea surface
Tremendous volcanic explosions sometimes occur
In time, sub-marine seamounts
Or islands, are formed
hang me
Tied to my job a blast scene alibi tied to a tree in a blind alley
Nothing before
A big fear
Don't get caught
By her father's friends
Flicking through her horoscope
She's entranced by the message
Moved like an innocent child
She's not content to sell her dream
In a picture-frame
signals and alibis
We nearly laugh and nearly cry
I only want to be liked by you
I only want to be liked by you
I don't know how to word it 
I just started to deserve it
And all my faces are alibis, and me
I'm half the man I wanted to be

Most times it
Who might know of this
The notes we left
Our final thoughts
And we knew they'd get ours out


Drowned by our country
Old machine,
Givin' her alibis and eatin' her a la modes 
And the green frogs croakin' around his abode 
And the mud cat pond by the old willow road 
try each others love so sweet
Till we can't deny my secret alibi

Ding by ding can you dig my dong
It may come short but it might come long
Limb by
Blessed by verdicts hand, my God does it make sense? This is the way that I see you. This is the way that we all try. This is the last time
even drank my wine
Babe your face is flushed
It's more than just a hunch
Tell me what's this fear
Maybe she's still here
Baby you're an alibi
Hold it up high 
Here's to the friends that were alibis 
Keep this close by your side 
When I come home we will have our night 

Oh, they always
are best expressed by nature
Like the song of a sun
We split our roads in a race to power
Like we split the atom

Is it only love that you favor?
A terrible signal
Too weak to even recognize
A gentle collapsing
The removal of the insides

I'm touched by your pleas
I value these moments
(myles goodwyn)
Published by northern goody two tunes, ltd./capac - ascap

Why should I be embarrassed
Say things I never mean
Worry too much for no
going to sell you any alibis

You dirty small-town girls
How I wish you were here now
And show me how to be the man
I'm your man
As only
My new feeling
New feeling (x5)
Daydreams screams
They just don't seem so far away
No I'm not possessed by my possessions
Lift my head to clear my
Scratching at the surface / keep the conversation light
Lest I seem offensive / wouldn't want to be ostracized
I don't want approval for what I say
Me That

Sweet Alibi (Gimme That, Gimme That)
Whenever You Are Fallin' Ooh
Your Sweet Alibi (Gimme That, Gimme That)
Whenever You Are Callin' By

If I
Sharks don't attack the Irish,
It's mostly Australians.
There's nothing accomplished
By these splashing citizens.
From the Moon down
Time has passed and things have changed
You've gone your way I've gone mine
On the surface it's all over but beneath the surface
You're still on my
alibis so
I ain't got no indecision
Undecided unignighted
Watch the sparks flyin'
Jurisdiction overload
No one enter
Without a code and
Stainless steel
are angels hiding in the sky 
There are wings to catch and souls that pass you by 

You have alibis 
You have filled the skies with mamma's
camera away 
Someone take today as traffic passes by 
Never see me
Never see at all 
I don't need you 
Your lies they won't surface 
Your mind it
been taken and fooled
By those

Alibis and lying eyes and all the best lines
Lord Knows she's heard them all
She's been cheated on and pushed around