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evolved into sorrow 
Lingering obsessions 
Intoxication, stimulation, creation 
Hindering addictions 

Apparently the message in a bottle was lost
Imagine full glock clips
I hold a glass of Remy Martin
Gettin' milks by the carton
Extortin' the light weights for thinkin' they important
The night pays
and Mike
Driving down Van Dyke
Get my dick sucked late at night by a fuckin' transvestite
Still on probation for strangling my boy Jason
Should be taking my
that's all we know
But his wife did use to call me yo
Now I roll for the hell
I'm sorry father
Let me go head and tell
How I really want to be old in
For every plastic orange bottle 
For tarnished pharmacy labels chafed in abrasive pockets
Suit the hell hounds with blades and chain links 
blunt for?
Did you fuckin' fall off, chump? Or did you jump?
Or did you just become more
Been into a funk, I just become morbid
And more self-absorbed in

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