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Kamikazee (Kamikazee)

By: Kamikazee
From the album: Kamikazee

It never even crossed my mind
That I would fall in love with you
You were always there behind me
Burning, burning, fire in the night
Higher, higher, the flames are shining bright
I've got nowhere to run, I was blinded by the light
There's someone
Mahal Kita Walang Iba
Ogie Alcasid

Mahal kita walang iba
By ogie alcasid
Eto na naman ang puso ko
Tumitibok-tibok at mayroong binubulong
and then they went at it
like alightning and athunder
and alay your leg over me, do.
In about nine months,
this maid fell aweeping,
and then she