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Disney smoked a pipe and was very philosophical
He was constantly surrounded by go go girls
He used to take pictures of them without any clothes
beside the door,
His pure uncertain tears
The burden fell so tender
And in the darkest night a
Rose grew by his feet

Stand beside me now,
I've been
you now?
Will good over come evil the way that you tell?
Oh! Mr. Disney where have you gone?
Mickey's being threatened by a neutron bomb
Oh! Mr. Disney
teens, beauty like we'd never seen
Our heroes led us by the hand
Through Brian Wilson's promised land
Where Disney's God and he commands
Both mice
"One by one they drop", you said
Left us two on a ride stopped dead
It's monkeys on the track
All fell out of their tree
"Lost their tails", I
Dupes of a Disney
Frozen stiff
Lost in the Hollywood hills
Where dreams as real as Fredericks
Are sustained on air by pills
Where all the red
swallowed by the work machine,
And spit out in the evening drained half dry. 
And that is why 

You turn me on 
And it's hard to turn me on. 

to Disney World, world world world world

Front now, you got a cheshire cat grin
eerie malevolence of commerce combined with backspins
I'm just a kid, tryin'
on Disney
But this don't feel like Disney

You say I turned out fine
I think I'm still turning out
You say I turned out fine
I think I'm still turning
Will I forget then learn to smile some day.

Potbellied sick bed.
All scars and sweet breads.
A lonely vacation, your own Disney parade.
my pocket
Reached for my phone, plugged it in the socket
Heard the dial tone, so I dialed up Aladdin
He answered the phone and said "what's up?" I
Martin Luther, who did you think that you were?
Appointed by some higher up
Merely mortal, your plans were unaffordable
No one wants to pay for
wings and fly


I don't need nobody else
To find myself, all by myself
I need to be
All I want to do

(All I want to do)
Is find my way
In Hollywood they have a different language that they speak
It's spoken by those folks who went to school for just one week
It's found inside
or torture, but except for Walt Disney
It's a twisted alliance, this age of video violence

The currents rage, the dawn's upon us
This is the age of video
coffee cup
And the working girls go by
Drenched Irish Cops are dreaming sex
And peep show alibis

Everything underneath the skyline
From the east
Libertina Grimm
Howitzer glare and spitfire blade
Wooed by Dresden serenades
Her soundtrack now a bombing raid
Bored of Vaudeville

God was six days
My oh my walkin' by
Who's the apple of my eye
Why it's my very own

Oh if I should stroll the 'hood
Who knew I could look so good
night power turns
Them devils mouths dry, now Mexico burns
So here they come one by one them killers of the new frontier
Occupy, causin' fear, come
suspended in Bavaria
Usher in a fat contented pig
Whose every hair is hand-carved by Italian master-
A porcelain Michael Jackson and Bubbles in
my face
A fool could get his head split
A lot of doubters
Said it couldn't be done by me
them same suckers
Are now lookin' from under me
Wonder'n what
Because my woman is fine as wine
And she goes by the name of Louis Line
But she didn't come here with me this time
I'm feeling real sad, but not that bad
Iraq gets more irate,
We really know nothing about them
And no one cares.
Aladdin and the forty thieves
Enhanced by brand new special effects.
Look you right in the eyes and tell ya "we don't know who did it"
Corrupted by street corner by shootin' at the police
The feins up all night
Always working, never hindered by a little fatigue
Rapping in arenas, I'm still playing in a different league
Yeah, you still playing wiffle ball