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and the black and white
And all the letters that we wrote
Would be printed out in gold
In our memories to behold
Without explanations
To be told

I dreamed
All flash by me
Steaming neon's in the rain
Diamonds down the memory drain
But you inspire me, fuel and fire me
Never leave me
Or deceive me
of thinking
Can you walk on by without your cold eyes blinkin'?

Blind for the past, we're goin' too fast, never meant to last
Live for the present, won't
so lost in this. You own me. You owe me more memories. You think I'm over this?) I could never be that strong. White lies are still lies. White lies
hibi ni dakareru 
kowashite kure nani mo ka mo 
kazatta ai mo 
toki no suna ni kieru made 

(staring lonely 
embraced by the days that have
ain't my game
But today I see you
And I hang my head in shame

Lipstick on your collar, and the colour isn't mine
White lines on the dresser, and you
til you see the whites of they eyes
Hands and thighs, they might front and sell ya been pies (?)
Black man, don't trust those lies
Cause the gangs is
you showed me [from my memory

In your heart, if I disappear along with all these snowflakes
I want to bloom [in your heart once again]
Don't forget
Frank zappa (guitar, synclavier)
Steve vai (guitar)
Ray white (guitar, vocals)
Tommy mars (keyboards)
Chuck wild (piano)
Arthur barrow (bass)
like the white light
But its really just my fears
And still don't dry your tears,
When I say she ain't true when I really love you more
When you say if
The debris gathers
Time starts to shiver
By heart's blood 

If I dissolve into your body
If I hoped to find
White light in your soul
If together we fall
of stolen memories
We are tied by our lies, we are tied by history

And so we're handcuffed together, like it or not
And drinking our dreams is all that
by your side, babe
Love you in your corn rolls and your Timbs
And the way your ice shine off those rims
I like your style if that's what's up
it, bloods chop it up
And the birds of a feather, fly together
Intellaced moving mo' murder messages of me and Leatha Face
I'm your retainer, your
of life it's time 
Burning all your flesh I watch the flames turn white 
Didn't even think to ask you why 
Will this stop the lies? 

Thinking that
the Lies out they minds
As they fly high wide
In disguise hoping they eyes do not turn white

Triple 6 is my mindstate
Pre-occupied with devil shit
you hear?
I smell fear and even if your eyes was closed
Your ass couldn't catch your tear

Lies, straws, mirrors and plates
Nicks, dimes, fifties,
Piece by piece, this puzzle comes together
Sever your ties with the bad guys, let the lies go
If you wanna be a hoe, go 'head and don't be scared
took a fall
That's how it goes down
Dope fiend still get high
While dope dealers barely get by
You better get your life right
You want to live in
follow the false prophet
Get deep like Islamics wrapped in a white garment
I touch topics that try to open up your optics
Vacate in the Tropics, you
May-December by Mos Def in my headphones, that's the man

I know, I know that I got it if I, do what I gotta do to get by
And they wonder why I never get high
kinda grief
Niggas is locked up set blocked up penetentiary lies
Mo' niggas in jail than baptised,
For centuries my loyalty family pockets stay lackin'
of Love and time
Cause the mind to trick the eye?
I wonder how you gettin' by
And all the stars still in your eyes
But you still just get the five
of Love and time
Cause the mind to trick the eye?
I wonder how you gettin' by
And all the stars still in your eyes
But you still just get the five
was choking on
Barbara screaming, "Someone help my son!"
I relive it most times the radio's on
That "tell me lies, sweet little white lies" song

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