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enough of this but you won't stop fucking it up
I know, I know, I know
You'll never quit
Cause you seldom feel the airflow, knowing that it'll interrupt
is narrow
When pulled back, I sling forward like a bow and arrow
I'm nowhere there, though I go with airflow
Aiming to travel from here to De Janeiro
remote to my telly
The, good food in my belly
The, sandwich to my deli
The, chemo to my cancer
The beat drop to my dancer
The airflow under my wings
I just need the fun to hide the pain I’m feelin’ in my airflow
In my airflow, I’m not tryna be an a-hole
But the feelings that I got are fucking
it out 
And I know I know 
Dream big nigga 
I know I know 
Airflow nigga 

M2ks and a bass like a load clip 
When we play we exchange for
Thoughts pour from the sky
Sonic winds blow
Electric airflow

Signature style Smile for a while
Zodiac pattern Stapled to everything
The birds sing a song
Everything is cmplx
Are you lost in the webs
Rotten roots disconnect
Fresh limbs growing fast
Airflow blowing through my tube
I'm an empty hollow
with you no more
Its cuz im stacking and relaxing

Hotbox for the airflow
Cough-drops for the day hoes
All talk if you say so
All talk if you say so
Gang against the world
When this EP drops Omo nobody go sleep
Nobody go sleep nobody go breath
Their throat go choke airflows go restrict
So Sorry
The rainbow's about to blow
When I go Han Solo
Frozen in slow mo
Reference of the airflow
Remember ancient days with no clothes
Open doors to where freedom
Poisoning the airflow
Or just stacking up the food shelf
These positions are needed
But needed for someone else

Awwwww, awwwwww, awwwww, awwww
Pedestals are
desires, maybe I create a silvershow
Palms singing "that's da airflow"
All 'bout the vibez, toxic shining, puke all over, she throws
Won again, no suprise,
Airflow to vent
Theres so much more to life
Than just paying

Face each day as a new beginning
struggles hard and
She barely copes
Suit and tie
We'll hang this case up
It drops from a chair
And the ceiling high up
A cut of airflow
to high noon
Sun ain't leaving the sky anytime soon
That's the breaks, turn and face it
Beats and bass is our oasis
Pass in a blur, maximize airflow
some airflow going
Birds are singing to me
Life and sunlight's glowing
This reaction gives me
Something to believe in
Actualities and destinations
the airflow, maybe
It's a long road trip, it's not over, say it
You got me drivin'
Got me, baby
Speed up
Speed up

You wanna have sex in a car
My tires are
for my speaker
Sound got busted from the stereo, same goes trusted heater
Down the window for some more airflow, breeze gave me a fever
Trying to make
my airflow
It was your fuckin glowing fuckin hair
It was your fuckin sexy fuckin stare
Man it Gotta, be gotta be so rare
Wanna be with you,I- I dont
in half and cover ya wit a payload
And just to watch ya suffer I'll give you airflow
While you 6ft in the ground cuz that is where they go
When then
screaming like
Danger rising in the back end
And we're screaming
Danger rising in the back end
Don't let go
Kids calling they echo
Circles forming no airflow
calling to Jeff
There's filth in my airflow
I've got no rubber left

Your d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dirty air
Your d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dirty air
Your d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dirty air
mein Bando
Null auf Hundert fünf Sekunden durch den Airflow
Hater haten doch sie sehen nur mein Elbow
Früher hatte ich nur mich und mein Talent Bro
So obvious
Juxta on production with Airflow B
So obvious

We long to be free, how we used to be
Its so obvious right
But times have now changed,

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