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I wish you slow death,
Slow death by grinding

Fuel for Hatred, air raid siren to mankind
is cursed
And forgotten
Never surface again

The air runs out
The captain is first
So we take to memories
And layers of clothes
Up there
The summer elvis died
And we slept outside
The air raid siren blew;
At twelve a.m. and noon

this whidbey house upon the hill
Has long since been
The air and almost the entire surface is now under their control.
Research on the origin of the ship indicates
That it might be related
to understand you are not dreaming 
It is not seaming just to be this way 
Dying men draw numbers in the air 
Dream to conquer little bits of time 
Call to arms banners fly in the wind
For the glory of Hellas
Coat of arms reading "Freedom or death"
Blood of king Leonidas

Air raid pounding
the deafening din
Crumbling into dust

Watching me drown
Choking on my disgust

And when I surface again
I will not breathe the same air as you
No limits
Landing in the air
Traveling upstairs
Staying on the surface

Living on my own trace
Paint the night with fluo rays
Give the colours
Of our
Oh Witching hour!
Un masse we fly the air unseen we fill the night
We shoot into the gap to a place that soon won't be
No saint no single soul
hundredweight bombs dashed us to the ground
When military air raids stormed the land abound

No trade with death
No trade with arms
Dispense the war
Air raid sirens screaming loud,
Bombers like the reaper's shroud,
Deutschland terror marching proud.
So much pain and misery, far away across
of concentration,
God's chosen in that Nazi hell.

Allied forces go to war, bloody battles by the score,
London, Paris, many more.
Air raid sirens
Thundering cannon fire is roaring
through the air
They're fighting courageous, driven by despair
Deadly muzzle flash robs them of their pride
The air stands still
Behind the glass
Splintered sunlight from the past
It feels so real
And so secure
The surface breaks
And we stay pure

No sign,
As your ship goes sailing by
She?ll be floating in the air
Will she notice you down there?

Empty head, empty bottle
Tip it back she won't follow
When I wake up on fire
And get caught in the sheets,
My dreams of safety hit the floor.
I've heard the air raid too many times before
To be bothered
of the shade your life has begun come on lets run over the ground in an air raid we've got the gun don't be afraid When she's gone even though she won't be long
on dead red pine
Robber Flies, with their immobile heads, inject a paralyzing fluid into their prey
That they snatch from life in mid-air
The Snow Flea's
And unveil the powers of ages for me
Surrounded by a beam of light
The seven stars burn in line
I chant the first words of wisdom
And the earth
Another air raid paid for by government money
Another one night stand for God and country
Napalm sun in the midnight sky
Send out the jets to keep
jacket and the back of his trousers, and then he'd look towards the moon. All that distance from the surface he was pinned down on to the surface glowing
fall to the surface,
Fill my lungs with air,
Then let it out

I give it all,
This is the reason that I sing,
So give it all,
Cause it's these reasons
Release me from the sky
Onto marsh domains
Expose the parachute to
Ease, the, vicious fall

Unseen by those below
Preying on their blindsights
ushered in
With air raid horns and bells.

Time to sing time to dance
Living out my second chance.

Cobras and sleeping bags are coiled and curled
The Preacher
Jump In The Motor
Let The Kisses Cascade
I'm The Love Commando This Is A Raid
If Love Is An Art, Baby I'm Surreal
With You By My Side

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