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to stay calm 
You have the right to remain silent 
Cool with the roughness, I ain't violent 
Reached for his nine mil, partner started smiling 
Shut up
Plain Jane Lyrics
Written by Bob Johnston, Michael Lunn, Donnie Van Zant and Johnny Van Zant
Ah, tell 'em about it Darlin'.
Here we go.
mess with them shawty
My life real shawty blood sweat and tears shawty
Through out these years I done told 'em how it is shaawty
No mills rap niggas
by the lives we live
If it changes it'll be God's prediction, so pain inflicted, like Jane's Addiction
Live right like Christians, but dance with
the spots she used to hang in ain't up to no good 
But needless to say, I kept lookin and I found her 
Right on the corner of Central and Allandra 
never got no ends
You know you ain't right, things just ain't the same
When you're with Mary Jane, is she the one to blame?

Love with you
bottle up inside

And when you stop and think about it
Ain't that what it's supposed to feel like
Oh when it's right
Judging by the way I'm feelin'
As long as Big Boi's still living, never standing by my lonesome
Step up nigga, if you want some

Ain't no thang but a chicken wang
We having
rappers I don't mess wit them shawty
My life real shawty blood, sweat and tears shawty
Through out these years I then told it how it is shaawty
No meals
no thang 
I'm taggin P-Town Loc, while I'm puffin' Mary Jane 

At the level see, sat out there smokin' dubs 
Saint Dog hangin' deep with those rude boy
F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-follow for now
For no formidable fights I've been formed to forget
For Pharoahe fucks familiar foes first
Before fondling female
and steal
He don't make no friends and his words ain't real
He will take you out and beat on you
And after all of this is through
He'll make you promise that
teaches of you and I do, no wonder they want to fight you
Raised by hypocrites you feel lied to

Graffiti the land with skyscrapers
Graffiti the sky
Aunt Betty'd be singing while supper was cooking
We'd unwrap the gifts when no one was lookin'

Let's all gather 'round, Grandpa say the blessing
of the medicine developed to soothe creatures
You're pathetic if you're no believer
Cause we all are energetic and eager
Come alive when you walking side by side
And we ain't asking for no favors
Rush a nigga quick then laugh about it later
Aye aye aye aye
Really I'm a peacemaker
But I'm with the homies right now
That's like a lil crack, see you ain't gone lie to me
I see how you be tryna be
BET tonight becomes addiction to pornography
And that's in no way
in love with Mary Jane I'm gonna
Make her my wife

Now when the love is lost and your spirits are low
The world's closing in around you got no
you feel this)
Feel this
Can you feel this?
Can you, can you feel this?

Riding by windows shakin' while I'm passin' by
Gotta big screen TV in
the shadows 
This ain't a game 
We're coming by stealth 
You know I got wealth 
Brain carnage self 
THERE'S no return
Speeding neck and neck with my own
and bust on the police
While y'all playas are fakin bacon we cook the whole beef.
I put it down plain, I stimulate the left and right brain
Cell by cell

Don't wear your colors here, that cemetery gear
I got my gun and nine, killing's my appetite
(but that ain't right y'all)
Don't wear your colors
I watched you every day
Saw the addiction get worse
Fuckin' lied, when you cried
Stole from your friends

I stood by your side
And watched you grow
P-I-impim nation wide
Niggaz on ly left got my girls to the right
Betta have my mony or it's on tonight
Don't be mad

I'm that
P-I-impim nation wide
Niggaz on ly left got my girls to the right
Betta have my mony or it's on tonight
Don't be mad

I'm that

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