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Aidan you're young 
But Aidan you're growing fast 
Me and your mom 
And all the love we have 
We can only take you so far 
As far as we can
know that you'll never pay
Go down to Aidan's when your out of your face
He's got a nine bar in his pillow case.
through so holographic
Red ones look like Aidan Mackey spent dinero like taxi driver
Handmade is that thing with tires but I rode the bike
And vill tail
bredrin Aidan
Still conflicted 'cause man are busking on Netflix
But I show you both sides of the fence, watch out for splinters
Rats and sinners,
But you're dead wrong
I'm Aidan Fine with a bigger dong before long
Song after song causing a mind decay
But I crumple it up and throw it all away

Jimmy gon play on the boards now
Then Aidan came and laid the chorus down 
Mari the maker got more sounds
Me, I come in on the 4th down 
Joku vaihtaa öisin lähikauppojemme nimiä
Äidit synnyttävät lapsia joiden puhetta emme ymmärrä
Kuka hiippailee pois Suomi neidon aidan lieppeiltä
All You People
(Written by Kirk McLeod and Aidan McGovern, arranged by Seven Nations)

All you people
Won't you come into the right
There's no need
mennä aina kauemmas kuin minne mä nään
Aidan taakse, sinne missä on
Ruoho vihreämpää
Etsimään puuttuvaa

Yhtä en saa, yksi jää aina puuttumaan

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