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the gate
Me and my friend only aggregate
Feelin so light cant feel the weight
We just elevate

Levitate Levitate Levitate 
Good vibes always, gon' elevate
going to need
Higher power to waver me
Crystallized, crystallized,
Crystallized, crystallized…

Sanity not included
Emotional inclusions
Aggregate data
and soul I left it in the cabinet
You won a battle but I’m winning 10 to 1 on aggregate
Stop tryna tell me shit as if you the one who’s adequate
Lemme teach
of adaptation
A transcript of early cognizance progressing through generations
We are this assembly, an aggregate of relentless mutations

The recipe for
Hazte un selfie so sexy
Como regalo para no olvidar
Sin drama abre mi facebook
Ubícate en la nube
Agrégate como amiga
Dejemos que el mundo siga

Emancipate, procrastinate, advertise
Dominate, sell, aggregate, market
Subvert, manipulate, procrastinate
Jerk off with your invisible hand
No I don’t miss, accurate
On go with the clique, aggregate
I’m so legit, young advocate
Been turning broke into rich that’s good acumen
Big stone
of my world
These are the ways of my world Inanimate aggregate
Crawling to the back of my skull...It seeps in Feel it coming to life
Oh my God it can't
And looking through you
But if nothing's right
We try anyway

As we compromised an aggregate person
I'm amazed at my decision to blame

On this occasion,
Fucked up and uncivilized
This is the rise of our demise
You paint a target right between your eyes
Collateral damage in the aggregates
And looking through you
But if nothing's right
We try anyway

As we compromised an aggregate person
I'm amazed at my decision to blame

On this occasion,
heart's an aggregate
Competing feelings so disparate
And strange

Life's a solitary song
No one to clap or sing along
It sounds so sweet and then it's
Life as just narrative, metadata in aggregate
Where the enigma of humanity's wrapped up finally
That as they say is that

Oh, that day can't come
Shaped thus, shipped'em out
A new deal to flog and flout.
Buried up to the neck in socio-aggregate;
Twist an arm and drag it back.

Pistillate artifice
Ophidian sacrifice
Widow maker

Uterine magistrate
Sinister aggregate
Contrive conclusion
Deht diffusion
dating apps

Send in the professions 
Let them aggregate what they can no longer sell
Sorry, face filters, you're too late
She's the one I want
steering us off course
Can't remain
In this aggregate vacancy
All it ever does is rain
All I do is drive aimlessly
Inner drive
I can't wait to leave this all
the catalyst
When a right gets thrown it shatters ribs and the planet shifts
The antagonist that dissolve your aggregate maggots to fragments quick
the aggregates
Cause numbers lie too
How you trafficking these kids in some furniture
Wayfair, they ain’t even heard of ya
Stay there, cause I’m about to murder ya
the Thesaurus
There's a chink in your armour
You're porous
Check the goal difference
Nigga fuck all that aggregate
This is that flavour that don't need no
harsh words I aggregate all of that in my chest
When your situation looks better
Who you are don't you never forget
Make you no show them too much
Them go
aggregate and parallel

You have to show off all your true self
You have to believe that life has no boundary
If we are to feel that all we share between
aggregate after I penetrate
Make dem watch me like I be Netflix
It's so interesting that no one can test me (Walai)
Yeah, Bone am enemies must hate
In an Egyptian hieroglyph
Communicates in place of
What is accepted as real

I suspected The Implied
They trusted the aggregate

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