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the right ride in the nick of time
Soldiers stay affronted then they blow your mind
Bold ass soldiers marching off to war
No idea what we're in for
Feast your eyes
where your money goes to die
Feeling affronted?
Blame the unwanted

An Executive Race,
expert in an instant,
Short cut to the chase 
is so meaningless
So brace yourself (trigger warning)
Got no time for your feelings anymore

So if you feel affronted by this song
Then maybe you've
Let us have a galaxy not a binary

Bi, pan, or queer
Live your dream
No problem
Affronted by change diversity, and gays that can't be
Nowhere is the path back to history
Nothing is the thing waiting there
Lately, I've been feeling like a cat in a turtleneck
Fundamentally affronted
2 years
Since we spoke with affronted words
Hatred and guilt built, while some feelings were just never heard

Hearts in a vortex, you feel
We use to be a teen
We've seen the dreams of many others
You had pick your battles wrong
I'm not the one
That should be affronted
Why feel superior
Affronted by solitude
Without the decadent waste


Elevating - To a spiritual plane
Presence of god - Felt by the insane


I spoke
perhaps affronted the god?
I don't think that I am guilty of any fault,
I have always shown reverence to this god.
(O Zephyrus!
don't let me feel that safe.

I want to take it to the tired and affronted, and all they want is the one who'll lead
But I'll put it to you plain
and feed the beast our young 
We watch the world ablaze 
From a serpent tongue we're cast down 
Deny their faith, affronted by their God 
We're not them -

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