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Then became sound

I wasn't afforded a love 
Covered up in hard earned clay
I wasn't accorded a stop
Always in it so much more
I wasn't
the world

History has afforded us this opportune occasion
To form a new foundation
You must first tear down the walls

Some may want to say that were
Is a nervous disorder
Only the rich are afforded
Only the rich are afforded
Only the rich are afforded

Put all your words away
For all
much grace You've afforded to me!
Of a burden lifted from my heart
How many graces been given and free?
My chains fell off, my heart was free
is a frame of mind
That's not afforded to me 

I don't have an answer right now 
Hold that thought until tomorrow 
I forgot freedom was borrowed 
all of you amateurs
Sneaking up on a tour bus with a demo to hand to us
When I was younger, I just wanted a chain
Now a chain of events has afforded
leaves are so unchanging
O Christmas tree 
Much pleasure thou can't give me
How often has the Christmas tree
Afforded me the greatest glee

In furnaces of fire we sleep

We were born on heaven's silver shores
I know it in my heart there's more to be afforded

Did I hear you in
roll plan of this father and mother
A-And the results afforded to my years of struggle
you can't buy back time, that's just not how it works
Three jobs, you afforded the crib
Fuck child support, you supported the kid
A full rack
afforded them 
Explore the rest 
Tell you now backdoor's the best 
For the stress 
We never raw in flesh 
Why I'm sores a guess
I done pay for yeah I
really for you, this is for the Goya Montoya
Who said I couldn't stop, then afforded me all the lawyers
The only kingpin who ain't sinkin'
Chess moves
electrical thoughts in your head
Emboldened by this you were tempted a kiss
On the brow of a mystery passing you by 
And thus we're afforded a simple reward
him, my whores are fresh 
So I afforded them 
Explore the rest 

Tell you now backdoor's the best 
For the stress 
We never raw in flesh 
Why I'm
We were born into nothing, hard up so to speak
But love and affection this family afforded me
Worries came early and often it seemed
Fate was not
been afforded
May go unsolved, unrewarded
Some nameless you cannot know, may be coming to show you
Unbridled love and light

Should you grow
or even afforded that
Ghost you in Gucci
And Louis and Loubies and Pradas and all of that
You keep being moody
And lately excuses is all that you giving
Dope line lookin' like they waitin' on the retro
6s, fixes, damn I feel special, resale and I never pay retail
My shoe box money afforded me
gotta leave
Which indeed I'd like to
He's afforded final ten
Every damn one been done
Pick the part of me to fun around
Diggie forty Bodie innie
And you're walking around 
Waving all of your feathers and shaking your ass
You should be thanking me 
For giving you what you never afforded
won't be alive long but since the court afforded us
The luxury for a minute, I'm feelin' glorious

I don't know about y'all but I feel wonderful
a grave

Sentries and gentry, afforded the bloom
Of a red setting sun and a bloodletting moon
Applauded, then accorded them
Portents of doom

Afforded rights when convenient
To protect the elite

Fuck the peace keeping fuck the calm
The investigation is a fucking con
Beneath the gun, hope is
Man if they knew my bars were were the bomb I'd get deported

Never did I plan without a purpose
Baba was the only man that ever made me

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