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of silver silken blade
Affix his gaze, his features staid
Grasps the handle, clips the cable
One steps up, sits at his table
My friend, my friend, he's
places where the average of the crowd goes
Where they affix the standard on the language and emotions of the love

Highways never reach above the ground
There's an island hidden in the sound
Lapping currents lay your boat to ground
Affix your barb and bayonet, the curlews carve their Arabesques
if you can affix a word to smoke it
Except for you're doomed in the morning if you bake the hills
Oh and I get up to the sun and then I smoke out
you very much
Hand it over (hand it over)
Hand it over (oh)
So now your hopes are all allayed
But you hand it all away

Did his eyelids affix
hell and affix that bayonet. 

Won't ya carry me back? 
Won't ya carry me back? 
Carry me back to Virginia. 

With a sword and a saddle, 
affix to savagery and showbiz
Dreams relying, cease to trying

All these secondary lives I fall into
Unbalanced beam, a step unseen, a fade
All these
[Verse One]
Follow my lead as I delve into channels of chi affix harmony
inwardly naturally
Sole purpose on the physical plane 
is to master my mind
was there before
Stranger shapes affix my eyes
All I do is fall and cry

I don't know what's in my head
Rather be alive than dead
I don't care
horrific dismay.
I'm the ghoul of the medical profession
Foetid corpses and carcasses line the basement wall
With glee I dismember cadavers
I affix
To stay in place as the planets align
Set to changes, affix to time,
No epiphany

Nothing new and nothing old,
The chilling warmth of the scorching
it's ready for the job
it's got to do
To toss the braid above the ceiling beam and to affix the noose
To bid adieu to all of you
until there's nothing
'Cause I don't care if he frail or cock D.
When I got the glock, B can't stop me.
And no judicial system could affix me, try to lock me.
Over papes
"I speak words of hatred"

Designed my masters revenge
Assigned to gods creation
Affix the evil blessing
Crucifix avoids your salvation
huge, a world-tattered cube
That I didn't affix with a shiny new sticker
Go swallow the summer and choke on the fumes
Because they get away with

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