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boy they tell am when the volume low

I dey give am wrong advice wrong advise
I dey give your daughter wrong advise wrong advise
I dey feed Junior with
don't fuck wit' you (Huh, no tussle)
So I advise you not to fuck wit' 'em (DJ Khaled)
And so I bought the Wraith on 'em (Wraith boys)
I still got
(Do You)
You'll never get a second chance so 
(Do You)
Hit me back without a glance  now you're taking my advise so now go do whatever you like 
advise ya'll to be walking on
This is pure story telling, something you gotta believe in
If you thought it was easy, it's your own self you are fooling
Say lit bitch you wanna play lit bitch i advise you
To shut the fuck up get out my face lit Bitch
Say lit bitch you wanna play lit bitch i advise you
This is my swag
Filled with the spirit
Advise to come near it
Not going down
Heading to the one that's been crowned
Saved with amazing grace
I just fight it yeah
I just fight it yeah
Double dose, dont advise that you try this yeah
I just fight it yeah
I just fight it yeah
Double dose, dont
really violent
Long way to the top, I advise you not to try it
All ya'll come in waves, I aint talkin' bout Poseidon
You think you entertain, but you
Shawty to my right hand Driving till the night ends
Popping percs and xans I be feeling the big man
I don’t need advise I’m just dripping in some ice
I'd advise to never overstep your boundaries 
Young nigga from the southy 
All I do is rep my set & proudly
Cash rules everything around me 
It's been a while since i went off
It's been a while since i snapped
It's been a while since i got mad, so i'd advise you get back
It's been a while
No need to improvise
Flying wise
No need to improvise
Now I advise, got a new a group of guys
The Crew The Crew The Crew
The View
I'm ready 'bout eleven fold

I would not advise it 
I would not advise it
I would not advise it
I'm on a different television 
I would not advise it
you get hit with da drake
Nuthing but real niggas all In my face 
Quick to pop off I Advise you dont play 
Im on dat gas today 
Im in my bag today 
Boy I advise you to keep still
All of them niggas they keep steel
The flow is impeccable, your pen isn't legible
This not even my peak still

Boy I
Nowadays I been hard to recognize (Too hard)
Be calm is what I strongly would advise (Would advise)
You don't wanna go to war with my guys (With my guys)
Give me space
Keep your distance
I advise get out my face
Less you got face mask gloves or mittens
No more passing Js better roll your own
Get your
a million reasons
Why I would need ya
Here by my side

There're a million reasons
Why I would listen
To your sound advise

Some need their symbols
And their
back to give them five
I, I, I

It's alive, it's alive, I'm revived, it's C5
Been arrived, kiss the sky, did the time
Please advise it is advise
want another one
If you say just ride oh
I go dey dat consistent,
If you take my advise for sure
I go be your bazooka
Hit you back back for sure
But it came easy once I tried 
I came to advise 
But you need supervised 
Cause you get stupid high 
Asking me, who am I?
Who are you?
I went and built
don't believe in lies, I don't I don't

I'm not going to think twice, listen to the advise
On my way to paradise, me and you to paradise
I'm not going
portaron mal
Y todo acabara en casa de satanas

No tan arriba, no tan abajo
Vamos buscando un equilibrio
No tan bien y no tan mal
The guru advise is on my
slide it’s not a rental
Telling lies and making threats
That’s how you die get hit with metal
I’d advise you save your breath
Don’t even try we never

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