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Rush, rush, rush, rush

What gets your adrenaline pumping? Overtaking
Mental thought process move quickly to attain
And acquire that state
life, it drives me

Focus in closer
Releasing the fear

White knuckle blackout, adrenaline rush
Wide-eyed and red-faces, my skin hot and flushed
Grinding my teeth, white knuckles grasp at the wheel
I rush from an avalanche of adrenaline, it's all that I feel
As quick as a bolt of lightning,
more minute of danger
Some bad medicine
I'll waste it on an hour in hell tonite
To get to heaven on adrenaline
Feel the rush

So down at here
(burning up, adrenaline rush, can't get enough)
Is it really really or am I just imagining
(do I want it too much, am I making it up?)
I try to ignore you

"There's gold in them there hillsâ??
So said a man with a broken tooth
We could run some cocaine powder 
Right on by the custom's booth
Game over before it's won

Downright dominate
Downright dominate
Must annihilate
Downright dominate

Feel the rush
The adrenaline kicking in
behind just another tragic lesson in life 

An organic rush adrenaline flight 
High above the traumatized situation of life
It's ironic, considerate
ain't tryin' to chase ya
Just store it in the memory of my three way pager (Ooh)

Adrenaline rush like ooh
Can't explain what I want to do to ya
I need
Fight 'm one on one
Get it over with and done

Breaking the limits, I got excited
Adrenaline rush, I couldn't hide it
I looked up to all the tough guys
their own safety

Chorus [xzibit] {saukrates} repeat 2x

How real is that?
{feel the rush} yeah, feel it
{feel the adrenaline *echoed*}
Feel the rush
as hypnosis of hip-hop
'cause, when I talk they don't just watch
I make 'em feel it, the feelin's' unfamiliar
A rush of your adrenaline you can pick up
the winter one, day after December 10
These simpletons they mentioning the synonym for feminine
Sweeter than some cinnamon or danish rings by entammen
Rush up
place in the middle of the street
Little did you know there'd be an all-out brawl soon as you heard this beat
Emergency personnel rush to the murder
him close to me and out of trouble

Good-bye to the game all the spoils, the adrenaline rush
Your blood boils you in a spot knowing cops could rush
like teenage sex
Text book characters gettin' etched out to rough draft
Rush Limbaugh autograph her left titty
New Yor, New York yeah we bigger than
And Lord knows I, try, to do the right thing
With a chrome in the front woulda done the same thing
Got my strap cocked back, adrenaline rush
adrenaline rush. Master mechanic
Play your position, blow wigs back with cannons
Colors of rythym. No options left to chose from
Cooperation can cock thoughts
likely I'll gagger that bullish I pull ish like a magnet 
A dragnet, I don't drag I gets net income, yo bums I rush like 
I'm royal when I
blood by the gallons
Drenched, venting tension, adrenaline rush
Pain stains the carpet when you run into us
An effortless task, cold hearts and iron masks
blank spots?  Fill 'em in
Tank tops?  Mental men, train stops?  Adrenaline
Rush hour change, seize the pain seeps
Run straight through every town like
touch it when I was twelve I slept in buckets reminisce
Juvy back
Lumbus in cleveland I'm poppin these niggas at 14 and I loved it
Adrenaline rush for
crumble like crackers
Rush the stage, allow the crowd to witness your massacre
You ain't bone, you're marrow, the lead travels from barrels
You motherfuckers really lust to gain
Nothin' but hatin' and a look of disgust
Always a must, stay "Adrenaline Rush"
Wonderin' why they don't be

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