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Adopting Sarah's heart
(Was never gonna be easy)
With an angel tattoo sinking beneath her belt

And the dirty blonde sea-water
I learned that hunger is a symptom
of adopting bad behavior
I bit my tongue last night
Woke up with blood on my pillow
I woke up thirsty

Words makes
I can't imagine how hard it must be, to be you
Adopting all your history, it's hard being me too
Are your secrets where you left them
'Cause now
remember the day I told my Daddy and Mama you're gonna have a grandkid, yep
From Uganda, that's right, we're adopting
And she is the cutest little girl
I can't imagine how hard it must be, to be you
Adopting all your history, it's hard being me too
Are your secrets where you left them
Cause now your
a book of french, my child

G-g-get ready, 'cause ready or not
I am adopting the stance
And the pant is heavy, girl I like what you got
Why don't you
of adopting a crocodile
When you know that he's going to be flushed to the sewers down low
Slithering, writhing, wiggling
Living where the moon don't glow
only stone
Are you angry the you I'm adopting
Is only a pretense at home

Do you mind if I make you wear earrings
Like she did, like you did before
Wild stars are born and die unnoticed
I awaken
Reigned by the rooted teeth
A new man
Adopting a new nation

Attention birds of prey
This is
you worry about her,sign your name here
But you regretted adopting the orphan
Sell and Buy good try, a large amount of baby cry 
Stranger's love,
He often descends into a delusional state
Sometimes actually adopting another person's persona?

I started punchin' once I saw son lungin'
He had
what heals can also kill

They both went grey
Adopting a putrid, lifeless stench
I learned in death
We all are unified in countenance

Ooh, ooh oh
poppin', yo bitch gettin' topless
Now that you know, niggas adopting the flow
Niggas can't stop this shit
The problem is we won't acknowledge it
But me
adopting the boy as their own Left only with a promise you must never return\""  It's all so clear he realizes. As he stands before his twin with memories
hard to pull the strings of your life, adopting my
Soul to figure out what's right
Deep down I know you can make it shine
Save yourself and do not
Don't even have your own mind
Adopting other peoples opinions
Just makes it easy to fit in
You know we're victims of another lie
You said you
When they just buy things they've seen 'Ye copping
You don't birth trends
You're not popping
Brad and Angie, mostly adopting
I've put that phase in

With open arms adopting the true desperation
Affected system towards the new adoring face
Another victim of a synthetic evocation
A cry
I can't imagine how hard it must be to be you
Adopting all your history it's hard being me too
Are your secrets where you left them? cause now your
You know I'd leave it alone.

We can beat genetics, adopting new aesthetics for beautiful bodies, figures
Taking control, oh. oh,
After adopting total rule
Full control of all world matter
All living, all mech, altogether
They will learn that I hate them

Never utter the word

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